June 25, 2024

I yearn for nothing.

I seek nothing.

I desire nothing.


My mind is everything, everywhere, every-need.

My mind spins and loops and jump and wiggles and wobbles.


I need nothing.

I need the peace that comes from silence.

I need the moment that comes between the moments.

I need nothing.


Yet I continue doing everything.

I continue working down the nub.


I am worn.

I am spent.

I am good for nothing.


Yet I avoid nothing.

I am afraid of nothing.


I feel like I must do everything.

I must try something.


What can be accomplished with nothing?



What can be accomplished with everything?



If I do nothing to get to nothing.

I am left with nothing.


If I do everything to get to nothing.

I am left with nothing, but I am also spent.


Nothing is inevitable.

Yet I fight nothing.

Nothing will save me.

Nothing can be lost.

Nothing will come from nothing.




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