July 12, 2024

Thanks for your feedback on last week’s flow writing. I often enjoy sitting back and watching my fingers flow across the keyboard as I absently try to follow what is coming out.

The words usually surprise me, often pleasantly. I like the feeling that comes from being a part of something bigger than myself. Flow writing lends to that feeling. My brain kicks in for spell checking. The spirit of inspiration has reasonable grammar and spelling, but things slip through.

I’ve actually had people unsubscribe from my mailing list after complaining to me about my poor grammar or spelling. As an admitted OCD personality I know how it feels to come across spelling errors and not be able to move forward.

I was watching a presentation yesterday a slide came up with a great deal of useful information on it, the information was correlated with time frames for release (which years the activity had occurred). On the middle time bar, the window of time was from 20013-2014… I was hung. I couldn’t take in the rest of the slide. I was completed stuck on the idea that one of the releases would occur 18,000 years in the future.

It’s hard to turn off your brains difference engine. It’s difficult, especially if it’s your core strength, to be able to shut down a part of your personality, your training.

Yet, that’s exactly what we need. Our strengths come easier. When weaknesses start to show up, we have to lean on our strengths. When your bad knee acts up, you have to favor the other leg. But if you keep going, if you start to depend on the other leg all the time, you’ll end up with two bad knees. The bad knee won’t get any better and the good knee will get worse. You need to rest, and recuperate. You need to shut down for a bit.

So remember, especially when reading my blog :), that it’s not all about spelling. It’s not all about presentation. Look for the good intentions. Look for the motivation. Look for the light shining behind the message. Look past any obvious warts and focus on the inherent beauty.

Everything is beautiful, in its own way.

-Namaste, Kevin


3 thoughts on “Don’t worry about the spelling

  1. Kevin, I do so enjoy reading you whenever you pop into my email. And one of the things I love the most is your human-ness and flaws because they are perfect the way they are.

  2. I always notice but learned a long time ago just to move on. I agree instead of obsessing over the errors, look and find what you came for in the first place.

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