July 12, 2024

Quicker than a ray of light.

Running. Running. Running.

Itemize. List. Run. Run. Run.

Be Powerful!

Drive. Run…

So tired.

We live on a globe, the faster you run, the further you go,

the sooner you realize we’re all going in circles.

Call it exploration. Call it exploitation.

Label it. Categorize it. Collect it. Move on.

I am an experience pack rat. I must collect them all.

Find what you value. Value what you find.

What creates value?

Being physical?

Being intangible?

Being Emotion?

Being Flesh?

When the end comes what will be left?

Who will say my life had value? Who will remember my life?

Does memory mark value?

What are we seeking?

EVERYTHING is busyness. Everything is valuable. Everything is trivial.

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