July 12, 2024

It is so easy to pick sides right now. You don’t have to look far to find an attempt to divide humanity. Women vs Men. Black vs White. Republicans vs Democrats. US vs Russia.

They are trying to divide us. They are trying to piss you have. They are trying to make you pick a side and see everyone else as other. They are trying to isolate you.

The herd never gets attacked directly. The herd is too powerful together. The goal of the predator is to frighten the herd and weed out the stragglers. Separate. Divide and conquer. They are trying to get you riled up and throw you off your game.

Reject division. Embrace your adversary.

Your true enemy is hidden in their tower and laughing as they watch us fight amongst ourselves.

Unify, unite. Love. Find common ground and stand on it.

Keep reaching across the aisle. Keep burying your differences and embrace your similarities.

I encourage you to be different. I encourage you to be yourself. Just try not to reject someone else when they disagree with you.

If you take one word away from this article, let it be ‘Love’.



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