April 21, 2024

Wow! I haven’t been here in a while and it feels strange writing again. But it also feels like it’s past time to reach out. I don’t know how many people my writing helps, but I know it helps a few, and that is enough. To those of you that I have made mind contact with before and to those you just discovering ChrakraCommunity.com, “Hello, sorry I’ve been away so long”.

My wife introduced me to a new practice recently. Quiet your mind and ask, “What is the one thing that I need to do today?” Today my mind replied with a strong voice, “Remind people that we’re still here.” “Remind people that humans are still humane.” “Tell them what happened.” So I am here to do that.

On Thursday I was out walking my dogs. A car was slowly approaching a stop sign, as I was waiting to cross the street. Slow approach usually means they see me, and plan to wave me across the road. So I looked up to make eye contact with the driver, as I always do, and I stepped off the curb. The driver made eye contact with me. Tapped his break for the stop sign. Looked left, looked right, stepped on the gas and sped away. I watched him as he wizzed by in front of me and the dogs a few inches away and quietly mouthed “what the hell?!”

We were okay. A little shaken, but the car didn’t actually hit us. But I was frustrated. I was irritated. As I finished crossing that street I considered the bag of dog poop in my hand. “I should have dropped it on his hood”, said a bitter voice in my head. “I wish I had been thinking quicker.” That would teach him. “Well, nothing to be done about it now.” I continued walking.

About one block later a car pulled up next to me, going the wrong way down a quiet road with the window open. I didn’t know who it was, but they clearly wanted to talk to me. “I’m sorry, it didn’t register what was going on and I’m really sorry,” said the driver. After a moment it registered with my brain. This is the guy that pulled past in front of me. This is the guy that was in such a rush to get somewhere that he didn’t consider the safety of me and my dogs. This guy just turned his car back. Stopped his busy rush to wherever he was going. He came back to apologize. “Thank you, I really appreciate you coming back, we are fine, but I’m glad you said something,” was my response. I was a little dumbfounded, but glad I found my words.

I had come to another street to cross and he was turning around down the street. After I crossed, I looked back and waved at him. I said “Thank you,” and waved before I walked on. I don’t know if he realized what an impact he had on my day, on my thinking. What a huge boon for my attitude and my thinking about humanity.

With everything going on in the world right now. With everything going on in the united states, I’ve started to give up my hopes for humanity. I had started to feel like we are simply a lost cause. I know I mean well, but the rest of all you all, you all are nuts… Or so my thinking has been trending. Apparently my defeated soul starts to sound like a southerner…

I actually welled up with emotion as I walked on and thought about what had just happened. He had apologized. He had arrested his hell bent forward motion and come back to let me know he was sorry. He had indentified me as a person that he needed to reconcile with and done it. I didn’t even get his name. But again, to that anonymous soul out there, “Thank you!”


Namaste, Kevin

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