July 12, 2024

Meditation has many goals, there are various processes and results that can come from meditation. Meditation is simply a tool and a tool can have many uses. The goal of the information I am providing is meditation for mindfulness and awareness. This mindfulness and awareness leads to stress reduction and a new prospective on life.

One of the primary benefits of awareness is the ability to see the truth of a situation. When involved in stressful or intense situations it is easy to get pulled into the emotion of the moment and incorrectly interpret a single event to be the deciding factor in our survival. Fundamentally we are creatures of instinct. And those instincts have taught us to handle stressful situations with responses of our nervous system.

Typical responses include fight or flight. Either of these responses will cause adrenaline to course through our systems preparing us for battle or for a high speed run. But in our daily lives it’s frowned upon to battle everyone. Additionally if we left every business meeting 5 minutes in by running out of the room, we’d start to develop a less than favorable reputation around the office.

I will cover more on stress and responses in later installments. But this gives a general feel for the type of situations meditation is intended to assist in. When we have prospective on these situations we can see clearly that our in most situations our survival isn’t at stake. Better yet, when we don’t jump into survival mode, we are better able to handle each situation calmly and appropriately.

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