July 12, 2024

Picture yourself in a green meadow. The sun is out and there are white billowing clouds rolling gently over head. The tall trees at the edge of the meadow rustle gently in the breeze. The meadow is filled with long blades of grass that gently sway in the wind. Through the center of the meadow, winding back and forth is a small brook with water flowing over green rocks. The stream is lined with yellow daisies and golden-orange poppies. Butterflies whimsically flit about from flower to flower as the sun kisses the water splashing beams of light onto your face.

Visualization is a powerful technique. This can be used to bring yourself to a calm place. It can even be used to prompt your subconscious into a dialog with you. I will close with a visualization technique used for this latter process.

Visualization can be done in several ways. As with most techniques, you can’t really do them wrong, but you will find ways that work and ways that don’t. Some may be good with words and be able to craft an image in their heads. Others may require no dialog at all and simply piece the vision together wordlessly. And still others may find an outward source most useful.

For those seeking an outside source there are resources available that can help. Visually oriented people may find simply looking through a picture book with inspirational images gives their mind enough to work with and they can close their eyes and picture themselves in the image. There are also meditation groups that offer guided visualization. I have been in yoga classes that ended with a visualization that was very effective. Be sure to ask your yoga teacher before class if this is something they would be willing to do.

Higher wisdom Visualization

Follow the directions after reading through once or twice. It’s hard to read once you’ve closed your eyes. This is also a good meditation to do in a group where a leader reads the instructions and the rest of the group goes through the process.


Close your eyes
Picture a small sphere of white light entering your body through the crown of your head.
Visualize the sphere running down your back to the base of your spine and then back the top.
Slow move the sphere through this path 2 or 3 times. At the end rest the sphere over your heart.
As you breath deeply and fulling in and out, picture the sphere expanding with your inhales
till your entire body is surrounded with this white light sphere.
This sphere is your vehicle,
Trusting your instincts allow the sphere to transport you to a safe place.
You are surrounded by Love.
At this point you will be in a safe place of your minds choosing.
Exit your vehicle and walk through the new surroundings.
Take a few minutes to experience this world.
Off to the side you see a circle of elders, they are here to assist you.
Approach the elders and follow your instincts.
You can engage in dialog. Embrace silence. Or ask a simple question.
Take a few minutes to allow this to happen.
Slowly walk back to your sphere of light, enter and gently return to your starting point.
Slowly open your eyes and rest absorbing the moment

I have found it helpful to journal about this experience or dialog if in a group setting to help process the outcome.

I am always open to hearing about your experiences if you want to share, please feel free to email me.



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