July 12, 2024

Global Warming Concept. Lonely Dead Tree Under Dramatic Evening

I feel like it’s all been said. It’s all been done.

There is nothing new under the Sun.

I drive and push and march on and on.

Am I really the only one?


I hope for more and settle for less.

I feel lost and hopeless, my life a mess.

I wish I knew all, and must confess,

my goals seem pointless and I’m distressed.


And yet there is a ray of hope.

As I trundle down this steepening slope.

A chance for salvation in a narrowing my scope,

To run away and break the rules.


Perhaps I’ve simply reached a bit too far,

set my sights upon almost every star.

I’ve sought too much, and understood so little,

I’ve jumped to the end, not lived in the middle.


Instead of living within my bounds

and seeking comfort in familiar sounds.

I’ve sought for everything, all that’s found,

instead of being satisfied with what’s around.


And if there is, nothing new under the sun,

and if it’s all been said and done.

Then why not seek a little fun?

Seek out and joy and slow my run…


I already have all that I need,

I have been blessed abundantly, beyond my greed.

The universe will guide me hence

and I can trust my innate sense.






Global Warming Concept. Lonely Dead Tree Under Dramatic Evening

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