May 22, 2024

Hearing Loss

About a month ago, I was walking through the woods in an isolated part of California. It was just me and the dogs on an old fire trail. The further I walked from camp the more isolated from people I felt. But I didn’t feel alone. If anything I felt the presence of observers, of some sort of benevolent energy watching over me and observing, as if curious to see what will happen next.

It was probably just my imagination. After all, of what interest is Kevin out on a dog walk? Not exactly the moral dilema that make for a good psychological thriller, or the struggle for life and death that captivates us when a team scales Mount Everest. Just me, and my dogs, out for a walk.

Never the less, I felt something. So on a lark, I called out, “If you can hear me, please show yourself, I’d like to meet you.”… I waited, and waited… Nothing.

Nothing manifested in a dimensional fracturing field of light. No entities walked down as if on an invisible staircase. It was just me and the dogs calling out to the emptiness. Well the dogs weren’t calling out, they were just looking at me funny trying to figure out who I was talking to.

I wondered as I stood there. Are they perhaps prohibited from interfering? Maybe they have some sort of law prevent them from interacting with mortals on a whim.

But then it occurred to me. What if they couldn’t hear me. What if there were some physical law that allowed them to observe me, but not hear me or speak to me. What if there were no rules in the way, what if it was simply a limitation of the observation medium.

This of course lead to my next thought. What if God couldn’t hear me?

For most people talking to God through prayer is a fundamental part of their relationship with God. But what if God couldn’t hear you?

What if the only way you had to truly interact with God and send a message was through your actions? What kind of message would you be sending?

We live in such a legalistic world that in many situations your actions aren’t judged as much as you are judged on your ability to explain your actions. With good verbal skills you can explain away almost anything, look at our politicians. What would the world be like if people never had the chance to explain themselves, they were simply measured by their actions.

Perhaps we would start to act very differently.



Hearing Loss

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