July 12, 2024

Abstract Elegant Background Design With Space For Your Text

I don’t know how this is going to turn out. Or what I’m going to write. I don’t even know what’s on my mind. I want the results to be something impressive. I want everything I write to be the most amazing thing that anyone has ever read. But that’s the ego talking. That’s my desire to be special. It’s well known that if everything is above average then that average is wrong. On average the average is in the middle and the outliers are on the edges. So most of what I write will be average and some of what I write will be spectacular and some of what I write will be really pathetic. So how can I hope to achieve my goal? How can any of us achieve our goal of excelling when the end result, if we truly do raise the bar, is to obliterate our previous activities and mar them as below average, because we have raised the average. So what was acceptable before is just crap. And all I’ve really been doing the whole time is spinning my wheels trying to gain traction, trying to find something to grab onto to dig me out of this pit so that I can be the light at the end of the tunnel to guide people. To provide hope in a world of darkness to provide a glimmer of the future that could be… But what if I’m fooling myself. When I turn my light on thinking I’m near the end of the tunnel, but in reality I’m still near the bottom of the pit. And like my shifting metaphor I start dragging people who were near the top down into the mire because they see my light and see seek for hope even though it’s in the wrong direction. What if I guide people in the wrong direction? What if everything I share is just the wallowing thoughts of a pig in the muck trying to cool off and not really accomplishing much but getting dirty. Would I hope that my thoughts lead me to a place of joy or a place of sadness. Do I do justice to the world and my path to force the outcome, to make the results be positive when I feel negative. To make someone smile even though I feel sad. Does projecting joy in a world of darkness lead to joy? Yes. It does. If you start with two sad people and a happy thought, one can fake it and if the other latches on and smiles then the smile is real and the faker will then smile back and suddenly in a world of sadness you have two people smiling at each other and the tables have suddenly turned. And so my sincere hope for you, regardless of my personal mood, is that you find a way to smile today, for the world is smile worthy. And your light will shine back to me and I will smile and we’ll find that there really was happiness at our cores but we weren’t sure how to get it out. And here it is. 🙂




Abstract Elegant Background Design With Space For Your Text

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