April 21, 2024

Is everyone actually beautiful? Is there beauty everywhere? Am I beautiful?

Yes! Correction, “HELL YES!” You are beautiful, I am beautiful. Even that ass-hat at the office that did that thing to you the other day, they are beautiful.

Ugly is really just an energetic state. A very low level of energy. Hate, greed, fear, these are low energy states. They are powerful, but they can be overcome with high energy states. Love, Compassion, Joy.

A smile is a powerful tool for a face and for feeling. The joy and release that come from smiling at someone is powerful. To see the face of a skeptical person as you approach them, both sides wary, both uncertain, then you crack a smile. It is like seeing the sun coming out from behind clouds. The skeptical face softens, relaxes, and a smile dawns. It is truly a thing of beauty.

If you have challenging people in your life, one powerful approach, is to love them. Love them beautiful. Approach them with compassion and love. This doesn’t mean you have to expose your delicate underbelly to the ass-hat at work. But somebody has to start the flow of love. Trust is gained over time. Love can be immediately given.

Grudges hurt you more than the person you hold a grudge against. Don’t punish yourself for someone else’s actions.

Embrace your own loveliness and beauty and spread it to the rest of the world with love and a smile.

Namaste, Kevin



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