July 12, 2024


I have tunnel vision. All I see, is the road laid out before me. I see a road full of potholes. I can’t possible steer around them.

“I am going to hit that big one up on the right.”

“I’m going to get a flat.”

“I’ll be stuck at the side of this terrifying road.”

“This road is rough.”


A tiny voice in the back of my head suggests, “look up!”


So, for a moment, I look at the bigger picture. I look up from the road to the horizon. I realize that it is in fact a sunny day. The sky is blue and the clouds are those picture perfect bundles of white. They’re the kind of clouds that make you want to lay on your back in a grassy field and look for shapes.

“I see a turtle.”

“I see a dragon.”

“I see a teddy bear.”


Honestly the clouds look very hug-gable.


Everything about this day is perfect.


A loud grumpy voice hollers out “Look down you fool!”


This damn road!


Fear of bumps keep pulling my mind back to the road. It’s a beautiful day. But there is a pothole in front of me. There are speed bumps and cracks in the concrete. This road is a mess.


The quiet voice calls back to me, “That’s a nice car.”


I am reminded that my car is nice. It is solid, it is sound. I’ve sure come a long way in it. But it can go a lot farther. I can get many more miles out of this old chassis. There were a few engine troubles over the last couple years. But I’ve worked hard on maintenance. The car is running better than ever. Better yet, I have learned how to repair the engine. It there are problems again, I can make repairs.


The grump calls out, ”But this damn road!”


The quiet voice whispers, “look to the sky.”


These two voices begin to argue, back and forth.

I watch like a terrified child, seeing his parents argue in front of him.


The grump looks straight at me and with an angry edge to his voice yells, “YOU ARE GOING TO RUN STRAIGHT INTO THAT DITCH!”


The quiet voice rallies, with a golden tone in its compassion filled voice, it suggests simply, “Kevin, you can fly.”


With no more urging needed, I lift my wheels and take flight.


I didn’t know I could fly. All I had to do was ask.




Damaged Roadway

1 thought on “Rough Roads Ahead – Look Up

  1. There are a few things I liked about this post.
    1} How you placed it on the page. Very readable.
    2} It is simple and the message was not pounded, but the reader can clearly see and feel the message (I would like to learn how to do that).
    3} Great image
    E.L Doctorow said something like this: {Writing} is like driving at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.
    This post and image reminded me of a wonderful quote. Thanks, Kevin

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