June 25, 2024


You will never be more than you are today. You are all that you will ever be.


How do these statements hit you? Do they come across as an insult? Or a compliment?


A mindset of scarcity processes these statements and is afraid they are true. A thinking pattern of inadequacy leads to the belief that you need to be more. The need to be more leads to attempts to resolve your deficiency through acquisition.


Alternately, an abundant mind will rejoice in this statement, because you already know you are enough. Being nothing more than you are today is wonderful, because you are already exceptional. You don’t need to be anything more, because you are already more than enough.


Your beliefs don’t actually change who you are. They change how you react to who you are. And they change how you interact with the world around you.


Coming from a place of scarcity, versus coming from a place of abundance, dramatically changes how you see the world around you.


Two people can look at a pile of money and react in completely different ways.


To one person the pile of money is a treasure.

An abundance of funds and possibilities for freedom.

To another person the pile  is a pittance.

A few days of living followed by lack and the need for more.


The pile doesn’t change. The perception of the pile changes.


We live in a world of excess and lack. We are surrounded by excess. We are constantly told we are lacking. The messages are designed to drive us to consume. They are intended to facilitate a model of acquisition. Driving us in a world where obtaining the next item is the goal. Not even the item itself, but the acquisition of the item. Owning the item immediately devalues the item. It feeds on a natural human desire. But it’s being pushed into overdrive by the constant availability of the novel and unique. Manufactured scarcity.


Are you adequate as is?

How do you feel about the word adequate?

Would you stay in a hotel if it was described as adequate? Why not?

adequate: as much or as good as necessary for some requirement or purpose.


Actually adequate sounds pretty good. By definition it is all that is needed.


Do you feel adequate to take on today?

Do you feel adequate to be yourself today?

Do feel adequate to live your life to your full potential?


What if I told you, you are more than adequate?


Again, it may sound like an insult. If I were to see that on my annual work review I would start to consider if I needed to look for another line of work. But it’s actually pretty damn good.


In world filled with the most extravagant hyperbole ever! You are more than adequate!


We live in a world of overflowing cups. But we don’t need an overflowing cup. We don’t need everything in excess. What we really need is adequacy. What we really need is to have enough. But we keep seeking too much. Largely because we are told we need more.


Seek balance today. Look to become the half full cup.

You are more than adequate for the task.





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