April 21, 2024

Neon showing direction

It’s an easy trap to fall into. Seeking recognition.

You can tell yourself you’re just trying to stay level headed.

Making sure you don’t go off the societal rails.

Level setting.


Trying not to rock the boat.


And to a point that’s true. But it’s also a way of washing out. It’s a way of diluting your personal potency in an effort to gain recognition. It’s a way of fishing for what the other person wants so you can turn around and offer it to them.


I’ve been in meetings with salesmen, where I can immediately tell they’re doing it. You ask a question such as “what are you offering our company?” and the salesmen replies with a wide smile “what do you need?” It is clear that the salesman is not there to help you, he is there to make a sale. So he is attempting to cater his offer to suit your every need. But that’s dependent on the person you’re talking to knowing what they need and being willing to share. If they can’t articulate it, or won’t, then you can not offer it. Everyone loses and you still have not been authentic about what you have to offer.


Likewise I’ve seen it when people are evangelizing to me about their religion. You can see it in their eyes when they speak and the inflection on the words they say. “Have you heard the good news, we can all be saved!” They’re not telling you what they believe, they’re sharing with you what they hope you will believe. Each person they convince, that they’re telling the truth, gives them a little more confidence that they are actually telling the truth. It’s like saying “If you believe what I’m saying, then maybe I can believe it to.”


But it is not being authentic. And it is not helping.


The truth is, we don’t need a watered down you.

We don’t want to hear what you think after it’s been filtered through a few ‘sane’ people.

Hmmm…. Well, I’ve got to warn you, that last statement was a lie. We probably do want you to be filtered. We probably do not want to really hear what you think. But we probably need to.


The world needs you raw and representing.

The world needs people that are who they are, unapologetically.

The world needs to be shaken up. We’ve gotten complacent. We’ve started to assume that everyone more or less agrees with us. Worse yet, we’ve started to feel that everyone more or less is okay with the path the planet is on. It feels like we’re going to hell in a hand basket and everyone is just okay with it.


We have enough sheep.

We need a few wolves.

We need to shake things up.

We need you to be you.


You don’t have to setup a billboard and call attention to your awesomeness.

Awesomeness will speak for itself. The the lights around your awesomeness will be so much brighter when they are authentic.

Step up!




Neon showing direction

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