May 22, 2024

Superhero Couple

What would the world be like if we could all fly and leap tall buildings with a single bound?

How would it change your world, if you found that everyone you knew could shoot lasers from their eyes and lift heavy objects?

What would the world be like if everyone had superpowers?


The answer might intrigue you, cause the truth is, not that different.


The world would look the same to you, pretty much, as it does today.

Except we’d be flying everywhere instead of driving, and we’d be shooting lasers from our eyes.


I’ve thought about this before.


What if you had superhuman strength and could hit a wall with your fist and punch a hole in that wall?

What would the real world response to this be?

Well for starters people wouldn’t invite you over to their houses as often, repair bills would be astronomical.

But for your own home you would build it from stronger materials. You’d use materials that could deal with a little wear and tear. For example you’d want door frames that didn’t collapse the first time you ran into them. You’d use materials that were appropriate for the environment, to deal with your strength and weight and hold up for longer than 5 minutes.


Now imagine if everyone was that way. The whole world would have adapted to and been building with stronger materials. Engineering specifications would take into account the requirements of buildings with better materials. The world around you would be built to cope with this higher level of being, strong, faster, etc… The bottom line would be that the world around you would be created to account for the people that lived in it. Everything in the world around you would look normal and average, and you would find the world held up pretty much to your expectations. Except everyone had superpowers… Which in essence would mean that they were all average.


Still following my line of thinking here?

So I’m saying if everyone in the world had super powers, then the world would look like it was supposed to, because everyone was average. So the world would seem to us, just like it does today, normal.


So considering that everyone around you is average.

And everything, in general, around us looks pretty normal.

Why do you believe you don’t have superpowers?

You’re more powerful than you think.

Now go be extraordinary.




Superhero Couple


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