May 22, 2024

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We have grown up in a culture of nurturing. It hasn’t always been a healthy nurturing, but there is always someone around telling you how you should respond to a situation, what we should care about, what something means… The problem is, they are not always right. And you are old enough now to step up and take ownership. I’m talking to you weather you are 16 or 60. With quite a margin of error on both sides of that. Let’s say plus or minus 20 years.


You’ve reached an age of reason. A place of responsibility. Stop looking to the outside for ideas about what to do and how to do it. Stop looking for people to tell you what is right and wrong. You know! Stop asking which way to look and what you’re supposed to see.


Step up and do what your heart tells you.


If you can’t hear your heart, then you’ve got one more task as you step up, learn how to listen to your heart.


Your heart has one rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s it.


Listen to your heart. It’s not hard. And it’s not easy. If you have been ignoring your heart for a while the dissonance between what your heart says and the way you are living can be quite alarming.


Why should you listen to me? Why should you take my advice to stop taking advice?


The short answer is, you shouldn’t.


Your heart has a natural rhythm to it, an energetic frequency if you will, and when you come in contact with like minded ideas it resonates. Like two sine waves adding together the amplitude increases.


A quick math lesson.

Hear is a graph of the rhythm of your heart, a normal sine wave with amplitude (height of the wave) and frequency (the time it takes to complete one cycle up and down).


And here is a graph of the rhythm of an idea, that has the same frequency.


So the result, since the two rhythms are of the same frequency, they add to each other. Like this:

The green line is the result of the two waves adding together.


So to have an idea that resonates with your heart is to say that they are alike and the result is additive. Likewise an idea that is incompatible with your heart would result in a decreasing amplitude. AKA You wouldn’t feel it.


Learn to listen to your heart, and after that, let this be the last time you let someone tell you what to do.


Let me be clear.

I’m not telling you to stop listening to others. I’m telling you that you have a filter built in that can let you know whether to listen to others.

I’m not talking about quitting your job, though your job may need to change.

I’m not telling you to stopping doing what your boss at work tells you, though you may need to gently push back.

What I am telling you is to take charge of your life. Step up and own your experience.


We can get in a pattern of gathering input and cramming for the big test, that will come eventually… What I’m telling you is that you’re taking the test now. Your moment has come. Your train is boarding. Your moment to shine is now! We are here for only a brief time and if you can’t be true to yourself, if you let someone else tell you who you are and what you’re doing here, then what was the point? They have their life, let them live it on their terms and you live your life on your terms.


I’m describing this as a single action. But our lives are so complex that it’s more of a cascading action. Instead of one single amazing occurrence this is a series of actions that can slowly reclaim each aspect of your life until you suddenly realize that you are you now. But it begins with a single step, listen to your heart.






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