May 22, 2024

The Saga has come to a close.

Our house is sold, accounts paid out, balances transferred.

We managed to live without a home for 6 weeks as we wondered from one shelter to another. (Shelter’s metaphorically, we lived in our travel trailer for about 3 weeks and house-sat for about 3 weeks.) We are now in our new home, 100 miles away from our old. The neighborhood is great. The move was the right thing to do. We’re very excited and life… Is still life.

This has been an epic and daunting portion of my life. Traveling every few weeks to a new home. Setting up, tearing down. Rearranging your worldly possessions every few days. It makes me appreciate a lean unencumbered life without many possessions. But it’s also not for me. I prefer a little more stability. I’m okay with some change, but that was just too frequent for me.

This constant transition over 6 weeks combined with saying goodbye to our old house has left a powerful emotional impact on the entire family. Our 3 year old is just learning the words to express sorrow and loss. When your three year old issues the phrase “Elinor Sad”, it just breaks your heart.

So now we are here, we’ve moved into our new home and the changes will be adapting to the world we’ve moved into. Changes in where the grocery store is, changes in the weather. The world around us has changed, we helped make it change. The dream represented by our lives continues to evolve.

We made it! We are here together and with our relationships to each other intact and strengthened.

As my three year old so eloquently put it, with a big grin on her face, “Elinor come and Mommy come and Daddy come and baby come and puppies coming! Elinor Happy Daddy.”

The family is all together and we couldn’t be more blessed!



Now to go unpack another box.


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