April 21, 2024

I don’t tend to be political here. So forgive the intrusion of the physical and political world into the spiritual.

There is a lot of coverage in the media right now about Edward Snowden. He exposed the NSA for spying on america. Regardless of what else he has done, is doing and will do, he appears to have been true to himself and his beliefs. Regardless of how he did it, as inconvenient as it may have been for the government, he has given a gift to the American people. Truth and Transparency.

The main stream seems to be focused more on holding him accountable and less on holding the government accountable for this violation of our personal freedom and rights. I wish more people would stand up and be true to what they believe in. We’re all in this together.

When there is a truth in your life that needs to be spoken or acted upon the consequences are not always pleasant. But being on earth and experiencing life as a human is not always pleasant.

I believe one of our goals here on this planet is honing and refining your spiritual body through lessons and practice, over and over again. One of these lessons is authenticity. When we live a lie or hide from our truth we are weakened and are not being authentic.

This is a long term lesson in many cases. It can take years to even become aware that you are out of sync with your truth. The practice of awareness leads to awareness of many things. And this cascades into challenges that you were not aware you had to meet. the first challenge is becoming aware that there is a challenge.

Working in a job for 20 years because it’s convenient, even though the stress is slowly killing you and squashing your soul is inauthentic. This is a challenge I’ve personally faced and now that I’ve both become aware of it and found there is another way to live, I continually struggle to pull myself out of the old pattern and set the new pattern into motion.

From the prospective of the whistle blowers of the world, we should appreciate the authenticity that they demonstrate to us. We are complex beings and all of our motivations are not always clear. But when you step out of your comfort and present your truth I believe the results for your spiritual growth are tremendous.



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1 thought on “Being True To Your Self

  1. After reading your comments re: Snowdon I feel compelled to write a note in agreement.
    I too have felt that the general public are missing the point.
    I am convinced that he acted authentically…..for him. Perhaps not with great wisdom given the ways of the world, but I believe he knew the possible consequences and was willing to take his chances.
    He did us a great service by showing us what is behind the curtain, and I thank him.

    If he put us at risk on the world stage then I am sorry, and we will pay the price.

    We put ourselves there. ……… Some say it is the price of doing business …..and perhaps it is and now it is time to pay.
    I hope he has the wisdom to keep his most dangerous secrets to himself and minimize the fallout.
    I hope that being true to himself also includes being true to us now that he has taught us a lesson.

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