July 12, 2024

What are you looking forward to?

At the time I’m writing this I am eagerly awaiting the registration time for the Google Developer conference. Registration opens at 7am sharp and tends to close at 7:00:05am

I got in 2 years ago when the tickets sold out in 5 minutes. Last year I missed as the tickets sold in less than a minute.

It’s a good conference. But there is a chance that I won’t enjoy the conference nearly as much as the challenge of getting a ticket.

By the time I publish this article I will either be profoundly elated that I was one of the chosen few, a statistical anomaly resulting from my effort, the speed of my internet connection and a roll of dice (metaphorically speaking). The joy and excitement is palpable.

One of the reasons that I’m able to enjoy this moment so much is that I have let go of the outcome. I am looking forward to the delight of getting a ticket while at the same time accepting that I am part of a large group of people excited about something where only a few will succeed.

Now I’m 30 minutes into the process of trying to get a ticket. Excitement waning.

There are many things in life like this. The excitement and anticipation far outweigh the actual experience. So it would seem to really benefit us to embrace the joy of the build up. Accept the excitement and potential of the upcoming moment without worrying about the outcome. Allow for joy in the face of uncertainty. And most of all remember it’s all part of elaborate game that we call life.



P.S. – Still no ticket. 30 minutes of trying later. Attempts keep timing out.

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