June 25, 2024


We live in a world obsessed with comparison. We are constantly contrasting every item that comes into focus, trying to determine if it is better or worse than the alternative.


Comparison shopping


Comparison of ideas


Employee evaluations


Rate your experience on a scale of 1-10


We learn comparison at a very early age and then start to apply it to everything around us. It can be very beneficial to compare things. However, comparison goes down a dark path when we start to apply it to ourselves and people around us.


There will be times when you start to compare yourself to those around you.


“I’m taller than him.”


“I’m not as smart as that girl.”


“He’s better looking than me.”


The voice of comparison is strong and constant. It is a fundamental construct of our thinking process. It operates in the background on everything we look at.


There are times when you start comparing yourself to yourself.


“I used to be a faster runner.”


“I think I’ve lost weight”


“I can’t believe I used to believe that!”


There is a time and a place for review and reflection, but it is ALWAYS the right time for acceptance.


A vital skill in this world is acceptance.


Accept yourself as you are.


Accept others as they are.


Unconditionally embrace what is.


Don’t worry about what isn’t.


Release your obsession with judgment of yourself.  Express the grace that you need and are worthy of. You are exactly the way you are supposed to be. Break out of contrast and stepping into acceptance.






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