June 25, 2024

With Christmas soon upon us I find it appropriate that my latest epiphany regards belief.

From belief in the goodness of mankind to belief in Santa Claus, we live in a world built upon belief. The world around us tends to shape itself to match our beliefs. If we believe the world is a good place, we tend to see the good around us. If we believe the world is a bad place, we tend to see only the bad. Our beliefs manifest themselves to us through our focused attention.

Sometimes when I put my daughter into her car seat (almost 3 years old), she kicks and screams and struggles to avoid being buckled in. There is some incongruity between the action, putting my daughter in her car seat to keep her safe while we travel, and the response, being affronted that we would require that she must sit down and be buckled in. It is like she doesn’t understand that we have her best interests at heart. We are trying to keep her safe. She has her own ideas about what is supposed to happen next.

I realize, after some soul searching, that she may have picked up this behavior from me. I tend to react the same way to the universe. Instead of flowing with my life and allowing for what will come next, I tend to kick and fight and struggle, trying to change the outcome. I have my own opinions about what is supposed to happen next. When reality disagrees with me, instead of peacefully allowing for the change in plans, I tend to stiffen my back, grit my teeth, and bare down for a fight.

This all comes down to two beliefs that I’m working on.

One that I’m trying to strengthen and another that I’m trying to let go of.

The first belief, is the most beneficial, the belief that the universe has my best interests at heart.

If I truly embraced and accepted this I would relax, release and allow myself to be buckled in for safety.

Instead I tend to fight and kick and believe that I know better and that I can control what comes next.

It is this second belief. The illusion of control, that I am working on releasing. Don’t get my wrong, I have a great deal of control over the superficial. I can choose what to wear and what I will eat for lunch and whether to go into work on any given day. But when it comes to the really important things in life, I am simply a co-creator. I am involved and I am affected, but I am not in control. Releasing that perceived control and relaxing is such a blessing, when I remember to do it.

This holiday season reflect on your beliefs. I encourage you to focus in on the beliefs that are empowering you, and release the beliefs that are holding you back.

And regardless of what you believe, how you worship, or how you choose to experience the sacred – I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Namaste, Kevin

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1 thought on “The Magical Art Of Believing

  1. first Peter 5:7 and only when my security rests in God and His unchanging nature can I face the challenges that life is sure to brng my way. Am I wiling to let God be my ultimate security? Love You, Gram.

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