July 12, 2024

“Listen deeply with your heart, for your heart always knows the truth.” – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Trust is a difficult subject. Trust introduces risk. Risk introduces fear. Fear introduces paralysis.

These are the side effects of trust with expectations.

Trust is not a contract. Trust is not a guarantee of outcome. Trust is a gift.

Trust, in it’s purist form, combined with letting go of the outcome leads to freedom.

Trust encompasses many aspects of our being. One of the biggest challenges I have with trust is my ego. When I trust, I invest ego in the activity. I believe that my trust is a side effect of my insight, and the success of my insight bolsters my ego. So if my trust was misplaced and the outcome is not as promised, my ego takes the hit.

This usually results in me being offended, irritable and generally not the best person to be around.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Trust, to be fully realized and benefited from, must be given and released. The universe has its own plans for our path and the path of those around us.

No one knows for certain what the next moment holds, and mistakes will happen. Mistakes are the currency of the universe. They must be spent for progress to occur. If mistakes are not spent, the spiritual economy seizes up and stagnates.

Consider mistakes the lifeblood of your personal growth. Any healthy organism will frequently make mistakes in order to determine that pathway that succeeds.

So allowing for trust to occur you must also allow for mistakes, and in the process practice grace and compassion. Your trust was given as a gift.

This is especially true when you practice trust with yourself.

Practice compassion and grace on your own efforts. If we were to give up when a mistake happened and stop trusting our instincts, we would never become better at our lives. Every failure is a step forward to success.

Trust me.




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