May 22, 2024

Good versus Evil

Liberals versus Conservatives

Republicans versus Democrats

Paper versus Plastic


Sometimes the right choice is to not to get pulled into the dichotomy.


Polarity consciousness is a way of processing the universe as differentials. It has been argued that this it is a result of our fall from enlightenment to where we are today.


Some would even say it is a bad thing.


Oddly calling polarity consciousness a bad thing, is a result of polarity consciousness. It is the way 99.9 percent of the people on the planet see the world and process information. I would say 100 percent, but I’m certain there are few people processing on a higher level than me, though I don’t believe they are running the planet or in our government.


Pain is meaningless without pleasure. Good is impotent without evil. We process the world, and experience the world, through the differentiating of one thing versus another. In order to judge one thing, it must be contrasted against another.


There are a number of gotchas or challenges involved in polarity consciousness that we should be aware of.


Having an understanding of how we process ideas can help us guard against that process being used to manipulate us. A great example of this a political election. We typically come out of a major election with a polarized country. Half the country thinks the other half is crazy. Half things they have won and the other half feels they got the shaft.


In truth everybody is a little crazy and everybody is a little sane.


If we could see past the labels applied to us by people that are trying to manipulate us, we could see, we really have a lot in common. Everybody on the planet really just wants to live a life of meaning and value. But we get caught up on polarizing ideas and think we must defend our side against perceived attackers.


Polarity consciousness leads to this type of thinking, and this type of thinking leads to separateness and destructive behaviors.


Polarity consciousness leads us to the illusion that we are individuals separate from others. Regardless of your metaphysical leanings, this type of thinking is blatantly false.


Walk with me down this path for a moment.


A person believes they are right and the other group is wrong. They wish the argument, and the group, would simply go away. Magically they get their wish. The next week they find a new group to disagree with and that group goes away. This would continue until there were only two people left on the planet. They would have a disagreement and now it’s just one man (or woman) and the planet. Then that individual would get in an argument with the planet and suddenly find they got their wish and they were all alone. Needless to say living without others and the planet is unsustainable.


This falsehood leads to wars over meaningless differences.

Gratefully nobody has been given this banishment power. When someone tries to seize it, for example Hitler, the world fights back.


But this kind of thinking is still going on today because we operate in polarity consciousness.


Given the state of our consciousness as a planet, it is difficult if not impossible to escape this way of thinking. In mindful states and during meditation we can catch glimpses of what other perceptions of consciousness are like. But in the end we return to this physical world where we perceive ourselves as ‘other’.


Take some time today to remember we are all in this together. Remember your connectedness to others. Unite in the common cause of living a life of value and meaning.




4 thoughts on “Polarity Consciousness

    1. In some ancient teachings and beliefs through certain practices we can move to another plane of existence where polarity consciousness no longer exist but neither does the physical.

  1. We are talking about Universal Law here… In fact number 10
    It’s all about appreciation through polarity consciousness, nothing is good of bad in an of itself, the collective of experience gives us the opportunity to move consciousness in a positive direction…

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