April 21, 2024

Soap Bubbles

Your world is a bubble.

The bubble represents your sphere of knowledge. Everything that you know and understand is inside of your bubble.

Each time you ask a question your bubble expands.

Each time you answer a question your bubble expands.

But it is still a finite bubble.

You can only know as much as you know.

Everything you do not know is outside of your bubble of knowing.

There are things you know, and there are things you do not know.

The most interesting thing, about the things you do not know, is that there are things you do not know that you do not know.

There are questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet, because you do not even believe they are a valid line of inquiry.

Meaning, you live inside a bubble.

You live inside a self contained world.

Your world is often internally consistent, in that you rationalize explanations for things within the context of what you know.

But the reality is, that reality does operate on rules completely beyond your knowledge.

You know that if you plant seeds in soil and water them, they will grow.

You also know that if you plant a watermelon seed it will not grow into an apple tree.

But you do not know why the plant grows.

You do not know what generative spark fires within it’s structure to cause it to grow.

But you know, based on past experience that it will grow.

So you continue to plant seeds confident that growth will result.

The scope of unknowns outside of our knowledge is infinite.

The amount of information that you are not even aware of, is breathtaking.

In less polite terms, Your ignorance is boundless.

It’s a wonder you can even get out of bed in the morning.

It is fascinating when you begin to understand the amount of lgical assumptions that your mind must make just to walk across an empty room. You have absolutely no idea how you do it. And even more astounding is the fact that you do not care. You simply do it with a devil may care attitude. Your level of entitlement is audacious.

You continue to breath expecting oxygen to just show up in your lungs.

You continue to walk across the floor expecting that the floor will hold you simply because it has in the past.

You continue to make decisions that are life altering despite the fact that you don’t have all the answers. You don’t even have all the questions.

We all live in bubbles.

It is not important that you break your bubble. You can’t.

It is not important that your bubble is very small. It is always going to be.

It is important that you know you live in a bubble. Awareness is key.

The awareness that you know so very little is not intended to stymy you. It’s the human condition. We all know so very little.

Awareness leads to grace for yourself. You muddled through yesterday in your ignorance, you can muddle through today and tomorrow.

Awareness leads to grace for others. Another person’s bubble is entirely different from yours and yet entirely similar. You will often marvel at what they do not know and marvel at what they do know.

But knowing that you and they are confounded and accompanied by ignorance allows for grace.



Soap Bubbles

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