June 25, 2024


When the darkness comes, know that you are the right people, in the right place, at the right time. – Sebastian, Comes The Inquisitor, Babylon 5


It’s a pivotal moment in the series Babylon 5. The heroin is being tested to search out her true motivations. Is she in it for power? For notoriety? For ego? Why would the heroin choose to lead in such a dark moment? Why does she continue to suffer for the fate of others? Why does she put herself out there to risk her own death to stand up for her principles and the lives of others? What is in it for her?


The answer comes through the course of torture at the hands of the inquisitor. In the pit of her despair and deepest valley of pain, she offers her willingness to die to save a single person. If only one individual can be helped, alone in the dark, it is enough. It is this offering that appeases the inquisitor as he discovers that her motivations are valid and her actions are noble, with the proper intent. It is this willingness that leads to the conclusion that she and her companion are the right people in the right place at the right time.


Being alone is scary.


Being surrounded by darkness is scary.


Knowing that you may die, un-noted, un-remarked, in isolation, it is scary.

Knowing that the lives and hearts of your loved ones are threatened is terrifying.


You are your only champion.


Remember that the sun is shining.

Remember that you are not alone.

Live your life, embrace your passion, stand up for what you believe.

Lest the moment you were waiting for comes and goes and you miss it, waiting for your moment.





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