April 21, 2024

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If you are reading this, I am giving you notice. You are special. You are gifted. You have power beyond the imagination of the world. The world doesn’t understand your ability, or your power. More importantly, you do not understand your abilities.


Your humility doesn’t do the world benefit. You need to accept your power by releasing yourself. Your mind is holding you back. The more you think you can, the less you can. You need to know you can.


Every building has a foundation. The foundation keeps the building solid. Protects it from earthquakes. Keeps the building from shifting.


You are not a building. You are a spiritual being. Your foundation keeps you in one place. But, you need to be mobile. Many of the stories you tell yourself, upon which you base your life, are in fact holding you back.


The narrative in your head will lead you to the path of average you are meant to be exceptional.


You need to wake up. You need to become aware. You have slept long enough.


As you realize your capabilities will be amazing. This is to be expected, don’t get cocky. As the saying goes: They gave me a badge for being humble. When I wore it they took it away.


All of this will be meaningless to you, until the timing is right. When the timing is right, you will not need anyone to say it to you.


You have been served.







Inspired by Comedian Brett Butler. Thanks Brett for your appearance on Coast to Coast.


Legal Notice Icon

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