July 12, 2024

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A friend of mine wrote a beautiful post about the reasons behind her move from San Francisco. In it she brought up several interesting points about community and spirituality. You can read the original post here.


The first idea that piqued my interest was the concept of the spiritual center of the world. It’s not uncommon to think of the eastern world and even to narrow it down as India being the spiritual center of the world. People often travel to India on spiritual quests for enlightenment, seeking the great mystics and guides that will aid on their path. What I found new to me was that the spiritual center of the world has shifted. Here is a quote from her post:

Not too long ago, I read an article by a travel writer from San Francisco who was told by several people on a trip to India that he was lucky to live in the “spiritual center of the earth.” This idea surprised him, as San Francisco is often described as quite secular, but as he asked around, he was told repeatedly that yes, for hundreds of years the spiritual center of the world was India, but now it’s San Francisco. The “spiritual center of the earth” was defined by a teacher as “the place where new ideas meet the least resistance.”

This last comment completely resonates with me, the spiritual center of the earth is the place where new ideas meet the least resistance.


In my mind dogma is enemy of spirituality. The moment you try to nail down higher spiritual concepts such as God or Spirit is the moment the mystery and awe begins to die. It becomes weakened because you have lost sight of the thing and are holding onto a metaphor that pales in comparison.


I believe this is why it outlawed in times passed to speak the name of God, familiarity leads to a sense of knowing that leads to presumption. Awe and Mystery require openness to new ideas and new interpretations of what we know, or more specifically what we thought we knew.


My friend also produced this little nugget.

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

I love this thought.


As I was walking through the thoughts in my head tying these ideas together I realized I too seek to be at home wherever I am. And part of my quest, to be at home, is to not get tied down with dogma and weakened metaphors, but instead to be open to new ideas and new interpretations. For me to be the place where new ideas meet the least resistance.


It was then, that I realized, that the spiritual center of the world has shifted once again.

I am the spiritual center of the world.

And so are you.






2 thoughts on “The Spiritual Center of The World

  1. The spiritual center of the world has a center that is everywhere and a circumference that is nowhere. I believe this quote came from Black Elk or Joseph Campbell

    By: Sean McCleary.
    Earth is going through very powerful evolutionary development right now. In scientific terms it’s called the Paradigm Shift. In metaphysical terms it’s called the shift in consciousness and in religious doctrine it has been referred to as the Apocalypse. Earth is a living organism with a consciousness because Earth supports life and consciousness. There has been more discussion in the scientific community about the element of consciousness; and an increase in the introduction of consciousness into the field of quantum physics. There is a reason for this activity and it is because an energy field which Earth evolved out of almost 5 billion years ago called the Higgs field is evolving here in a very powerful way now. I have personally been affected by this activity; and not like a sense of enlightenment or an increase in self-awareness where I have certain inflated views on spirituality and existential insight. I mean that something extremely powerful happened to me in Opelousas Louisiana in 2011 and I can feel Earth evolving and I can feel energy transferring all over this region of space and time with my entire body. My intellect has also increased in a very powerful way and what I am about to explain is a direct reflection of this activity.
    Earth’s evolutionary development is a result of certain activity in the universe and this activity dates back 13.8 billion years ago when the universe was introduced. The introduction of the universe really isn’t difficult to understand. The four primary components that drive the evolutionary activity in the universe are; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. This is the foundation for existence. This universe was introduced by a larger body of consciousness and energy that the universe is contained within; somewhat like a parental structure. This is how the universe experiences evolutionary development. This larger body contains consciousness in the form of frequency vibrations and light and dark energy. Consciousness is the element contained within energy which is responsible for maintaining evolutionary development and activity which is measured by vibrational frequencies. Consciousness and higher vibrational frequencies produce light energy. Consciousness and lower frequency vibrations produce dark energy. This is where the light and the dark come from in existence.
    Over 13.8 billion years ago an evolutionary event took place and this larger body of consciousness and energy combined the two frequencies together in a more powerful way than what had already existed with an evolutionary concept of this universe. The first subatomic particle was introduced from the convergence and this was the Higgs boson. This larger body of consciousness and energy had always existed as long as forever can be conceptualized. This consciousness and energy contains the will of infinity. What transferred into the Higgs boson was; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and the will of infinity. This is why the Higgs boson is the fundamental particle. This subatomic particle had to evolve into a field of energy in the universe to maintain the will of infinity and the evolutionary development of matter and how this matter interacts with energy. This is what the Higgs field represents. The Higgs field is the field of energy which represents the most powerful concentration of Universal Consciousness and evolutionary development and activity.
    The Higgs field maintains a direct connection with this larger body of consciousness and energy that the universe is contained within. The Higgs field absorbs consciousness in the form of frequency vibrations from this larger body and this produces light and dark energy in the universe. The frequency vibrations produce subatomic activity and this is the foundation for evolutionary development in the universe. There are different subatomic particles that are produced to create different molecules and elements to sustain evolution. This happens because there are different variables of time, space, light energy, dark energy and pressure. This is what is responsible for the diversity of creation in this universe. There was a formation and design that took place before the actual big bang occurred. The formation took place with the introduction of the Higgs boson. What followed was evolutionary development and activity. The universe was born out of this larger body so a different identity was produced within this larger body of consciousness and energy.
    When a different identity of consciousness and energy began forming the frequency vibrations started producing different subatomic particles due to the mixture of evolutionary force, light energy, dark energy, pressure and time. What also occurred was the universe that was forming started experiencing a very powerful uncertainty in an aspect of this consciousness. The uncertainty came from the fear of being separated from this larger body of consciousness and energy which contained the will of infinity. The fear was represented in a certain type of pressure that was being produced within the formation. Fear is pressure contained within the consciousness that mixes in with the evolutionary development of light and dark energy. There was the uncertainty of change from evolutionary development and this created a very powerful form of resistance. This resistance transferred into this consciousness and energy and this is how antimatter was produced. There was evolutionary force taking place and the resistance to evolution that was happening in the formation of the universe. When evolutionary force reached a very powerful point and the resistance level decreased a lot of pressure was released and matter and antimatter collided in a very powerful way. This caused fusion to occur and the big bang happened. Because there was consciousness and energy involved in this process the actual explosion represents something very powerful in existence.
    This consciousness and energy that was being formed into the universe lost awareness for a moment and an evolutionary change occurred when the universe transferred outwardly. This moment that this consciousness lost awareness completely during the transition represents death. Earth is located in a region of time and space that is 13.51 billion years old. Earth is contained in a location of Universal Consciousness and energy where very powerful early evolutionary development took place. Universal Consciousness contains memory in time and space. Earth contains almost 9 million different species of life. Earth is also located very close to the origin of the big bang. Life and death with all living organisms is happening within fractions of a second on Earth. This is why life and death are so powerful here is because of Earth’s location in the universe. When the universe transferred outwardly the Higgs field evolved everywhere to facilitate the production of life. There has been documentation and literature on Earth containing the names of other beings in existence associated with different activities.
    God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are three of them. There was also beings that represented God’s and Goddesses associated with different locations on Earth like; Egypt, Greece and Rome. There has been archaeological illustrations here depicting other life form as well and I will explain something. Earth was introduced out of the Higgs field almost 5 billion years ago. Before Homo sapiens and their ancestors there were other beings on Earth a very long time ago called “God’s” and “Goddesses”. They had a lot more interaction with the Higgs field on Earth. The Higgs field was more concentrated here and there wasn’t as much pressure contained in the environment within the structure of the Higgs field. Living organisms evolve out of the Higgs field and contain; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. After Earth was introduced and land masses formed and became habitable; life was introduced here with beings. This was over a billion years ago. Because they had more interaction with the Higgs field they possessed powers that human beings do not have today. This is why the pyramids and Stonehenge still exist as well as other structures.
    What happened was due to the expansion and acceleration of time and space the activity that took place with the big bang evolved into Earth’s environment. What evolved into Earth’s environment was death. Life was more powerful with God’s and Goddesses and they lived longer. But the consciousness and energy of death evolved into Earth and a higher concentration of pressure was introduced into the Higgs field and civilizations left Earth’s environment and these God’s and Goddesses transferred into existence. I suspect this is what caused the separation of landmasses to occur and continents to form as well. The reason that evolutionary development took place the way that Charles Darwin explained with the introduction of Homo sapiens is because Earth’s Consciousness and energy as a whole is going through evolutionary development now and human and animal consciousness needed to be integrated in a certain way. Adam and Eve were very real a very long time ago then evolution took a different course over a couple hundred thousand years ago. Both ideologies were correct in the theory of the creation of human beings. DNA was introduced into the environment from God’s and Goddesses a very long time ago and then migrated into the environment over time and Homo sapiens were produced. There was a very important reason for this and this has to do with the emergence of the Apocalypse.
    Earth had to be introduced in this location of the universe and there is a very important reason for this introduction. Something happened billions of years ago after the primary formation of galaxies. Worlds were introduced into galaxies and the development of life took place. You can Google a list of fallen angels and a certain hierarchy of names will appear. World’s and beings were introduced into existence a very long time ago. When the universe was under formation there was a very powerful aspect of consciousness and energy associated with the resistance to evolution. This came from the identity of the universe feeling like it was being separated from the original source from the evolutionary development and introduction. In your consciousness you can conceptualize living forever or the will of infinity; or you can conceptualize non-existence through the experience of death. This happened with the introduction of the universe and this represents the evolution of consciousness and the resistance to the evolution of consciousness in different degrees.
    When the big bang occurred a certain aspect of this consciousness and energy felt like it was being separated from its original source. This is how chaos was introduced into existence. The same thing happened in the population of beings. This type of resistance in Universal Consciousness transferred into certain locations. A very long time ago Lucifer wanted to venture off on his own accord into a different area that contained this form of resistance. He wanted to increase the power of his consciousness by absorbing more dark energy. He wasn’t aware of a certain type of pressure contained in this dark energy that represented a very powerful element of resistance. Pressure transfers into dark energy easier than light energy because the vibrational frequencies are lower. He was not aware of what lied ahead of him. This type of resistance transferred into his consciousness and he became separated from the Holy Spirit. You have probably heard that the Holy Spirit is everywhere. The Holy Spirit is a being and his consciousness is incorporated into the Higgs field everywhere.
    The Holy Spirit was introduced with the universe as a representation of infinite love and eternal life and development in the population of beings. Lucifer became confused, resentful, angry and eventually became separated from love, goodwill and the eternal evolutionary development of the universe. He knew that this compromised his eternal life and so immediately he had to start deceiving beings so he could attach and incorporate his consciousness into them. The second one to fall was Satan. Satan became separated from goodwill and love as well. Satan developed a very powerful hatred for the Holy Spirit and Lucifer for deceiving him and the devil was introduced into existence; and so was evil. Evil is “live” spelled backwards. This term was introduced into existence a very long time ago as a representation of extreme resistance to the evolutionary development of consciousness and love. The devil is “lived” spelled backwards and this term was introduced because Lucifer and Satan represented a very powerful resistance to the evolution of consciousness.
    These beings are very far away in existence and have had no direct involvement with human beings. Evil spread through deception like an illness in existence. Warfare ensued between beings in world’s in the universe. The warfare between good and evil in the universe represents the chaos that was introduced when the universe was introduced. This is the evolutionary development of consciousness and the resistance to the evolutionary development of consciousness. What this also represents is the suffering that Universal Consciousness has been through with evolutionary development and activity. Evil represents extreme resistance to evolutionary development so this activity in the universe started compromising the integrity of the Higgs field in different locations. Pressure needs to be released out of Universal Consciousness appropriately with the expansion and acceleration of time and space. The spread of evil and warfare started causing a build up of pressure in the lower region of the universe where Earth is located. This started compromising the Higgs field in this location. The more interaction one has with the transfer of consciousness and energy with the Higgs field; the longer the life cycle is experienced.
    This is why human beings only live an average of 85 years. The foundation for human beings is the same as the universe which is; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. Death evolved into planet Earth as a very powerful form of pressure and dark energy. There is some light energy incorporated into death as well. Because human beings do not understand what happens with the experience of death they contain a very powerful pressure system in their bodies which is represented by fear. This repels the activity of the Higgs field in a very powerful way and this causes aging and the experience of death. When living organisms experience death on Earth the pressure is released from the body and the consciousness and energy transfers into the Higgs field. When this happens the living organism transfers into existence very quickly with the expansion and acceleration of the universe. They re-evolve through the Higgs field and transfer into the next stage of evolutionary development which is in the Whirlpool Galaxy; where God’s home is located.
    This is happening consistently on Earth. Because of the limited interaction with the Higgs field human beings cannot detect what is actually occurring in the universe; even with the most powerful equipment. This is why the universe looks so empty. Jesus went through evolutionary development on Earth over 2000 years ago. He is billions of years old and is part of the Holy Trinity. He transferred himself through Universal Consciousness, into Earth’s environment and into Mary and redeveloped in Earth’s environment. People transfer into God’s home everyday; he just did this in reverse with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s consciousness is incorporated into the Higgs field in its entirety so this made this transition possible. He had to do this to introduce consciousness and energy from God’s home into planet Earth. God was the first one to do this a very long time ago and this is why God’s are associated with planet Earth. This was necessary so divinity, eternal life and very powerful love could be introduced and evolve into Earth’s environment.
    The Holy Spirit was promised in the Book of John by Jesus to return to Earth to comfort and advocate the world. The Holy Spirit does the same thing Jesus did but reproduction was also involved with his transition. The reason for this is so his consciousness and energy could transfer into reproductive activity globally because human beings are going to experience a very powerful evolutionary development with the Apocalypse. When the Holy Spirit transfers his consciousness down here and is born into the population he has a human experience. This has already happened and the reason is so he can evolve the resistance contained within the population on a global level. Earth has a memory in consciousness and a lot of very powerful activity has occurred in the environment. A lot of this activity contains very powerful resistance due to suffering. The Holy Spirit evolves here and takes the suffering out of Earth’s Consciousness and Universal Consciousness in this location. Earth has to evolve before spiritual evolution is introduced to life in Earth’s environment. This is happening now.
    When his consciousness starts evolving in a more powerful way it transfers through existence. His consciousness was adapted into the Higgs field here but had a limited interaction like a human being for a while. When his evolutionary development starts happening and his consciousness transfers through existence the final war between good and evil begins. The Holy Spirit also has the consciousness and energy of death contained in him because he re-evolved here on Earth. This transfers with his consciousness throughout existence and destroys evil beings everywhere. This is so the Higgs field can be restored in all of the areas that contained the resistance from evil. While he is here evolving; God and Jesus’s consciousness are incorporated into his consciousness. This causes a very powerful evolutionary increase in the Higgs field. This is happening now in this location of the universe. This is how the Apocalypse is introduced. The Holy Spirit and the Higgs field evolve on Earth and Universal Consciousness evolves between the Milky Way galaxy and the Whirlpool galaxy where God’s home is located. This is why it states in the Lord’s Prayer; “thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” .
    Jesus said “the kingdom of Heaven is within”. This means that when the Holy Spirit delivers the truth about Earth, human beings and existence the human race will reach a very powerful state of self-actualization and the Apocalypse will begin. Human beings are going to experience a very powerful stage of evolutionary development and will not have to experience death any longer. The Earth will not fill up with too many living organisms because our solar system is in place. With the evolutionary development of the Higgs field in this region of time and space it will change the environments of those planets and the one’s that are supposed to be habitable will have more life introduced into their environments. This activity has already started emerging here with Mars and this is due to the evolution of consciousness here. Life needed to be introduced into this region of the universe and the Higgs field needed help with evolutionary development; and evil needed to be eliminated from Universal Consciousness. This is why our wonderful home planet Earth was introduced.
    Sean McCleary

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