May 22, 2024


Over the last two weeks I’ve covered an interesting, new to me, idea about time. To begin with I introduced the idea of all time, always existing. The post introduced the concept of consciousness as a tuning needle and time being a vinyl record. The record always exists, but you are only experiencing the music where the needle is. In my next post I introduced the idea of how free will could still exist in a universe with everything being predetermined.


For this blog entry, I wanted to take it to the next logical step, reincarnation. Reincarnation has often been described as a pathway where one life follows the previous and you’re on a journey of self discovery and spiritual growth from one life to the next learning lessons and bettering yourself from life to life. But if you stop and think about this pathway model, it is based on the mindset of consciousness. The idea that our lives, like our present moment have a past and a future and we are very much in the present life. This metaphor comes out of the idea that the only thing that exists is now.


Now apply this concept of omnipresent time to your life/lives. With this new model of the universe, where everything is here all the time. Suddenly it becomes obvious that our lives are not past and present but all our our lives are happening now and all of our experiences from this life, or the ‘next’, or the ‘past’, are all happening/have happened. It gets a bit overwhelming. So let’s try an analogy.


Picture a bicycle wheel.




The black rubber tire is the universe with every possible space and time that it contains. So each inch of rubber could represent all the moments and 3d space within 100 year span of the universe. And each spoke represents a lifetime that we are connected to.


So each spoke is a life in which we have reincarnated. And each spoke leads back to the central hub of the wheel which represents our ‘higher’ self. Within each life we live, we identify with that soul, or soul fragment, through the tool of consciousness. But that ‘soul’ is only a projection of the super soul or higher self. We are projecting a fragement of our soul out to experience a discreet moment in time and the super soul exists outside of our time and connected to all time through our lives we have projected.


In this model the axel of the tire could represent the universal consciousness, the divine, God, whatever term you prefer. And the God consciousness then connects us to all other life in the universe perhaps as a universal soul. And each being in the universe experiences this same model where their lives are tied into each other through spokes up to a super soul and tying them back into the universal soul. Bringing forth the idea that we are all one, and we are all individuals.


Bringing it back down to a scale that’s a little easier to imagine again. Travel to the end of one of the spokes one more to an individual life. Picture each spoke ending in a record needle and that needle of consciousness playing that specific moment of time for the observer, embraced in the illusion that we are in the only moment that truly exists.


The wheel is a powerful model here as well because, if all time exists always, then there is really no beginning and no end. It all represents cycles and repeating patterns. With this idea the super soul at the hub represents our true self. And our experience here in this life is one of hundreds or maybe thousands of conscious lives being experienced by us. Everyone, all the time.


Remember if this freaks you out, it’s only a model. 🙂







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