May 22, 2024

Pretty young woman standing and wondering between the sun and ra

Life is difficult.

Life can be challenging.

Life can wear you down.


Live is a breeze.

Life is a joy.

Life is a journey of discovery.


How did you feel after you read the introduction those 3 statements?

How did the next 3 make you feel?


Even sitting here writing them, as I wrote the first 3, I believed them. I became solemn and sober and thought about the challenges in my life. I became so sober that I realized that I needed to go in a different direction. My goal here as a writer is not to bring you down, but to lift you up. To remind you, it’s going to be okay.


So I embarked on the follow on statements. And as I wrote them, I personally became uplifted. I remembered the good things in my life. I thought about all the fun I have each day. My joy of discovery came to mind and how I love to connect ideas that seem unrelated. Just by writing something upbeat I became more positive.


And that leads me to my subject. The rain in pain falls mainly on the brain. When you’re in pain or going through challenges it can be easy to dwell on those challenges. To build a little rain storm over your head and wallow in the winter of your misery. Like all things in life, there is a time and a place for this… However, there is a difference between the actual pain and our perception of the pain. There is a difference between how long the pain lasts and how long our mental news feed runs stories about the pain.


Once the actual pain is gone, the rest is all in your head. Once the actual event has ended you’re really just reading old news stories about things that occurred in the past. And while it is appropriate for a time for processing and a time for mourning. Don’t get caught up in a self generate rainstorm. At that point, it’s all in your head.


The Rain In Pain Falls Mainly On The Brain.


Go generate some sunshine. Make a rainbow. Do whatever you need to, to break out of your funk and into your fun. Laugh, get some exercise, get coffee with a friend, find a friend. Did I mention laugh?


Step outside your head and find where the sun is shining.






Pretty young woman standing and wondering between the sun and ra

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