June 25, 2024


It’s interesting watching a child create. I’ve learned a few things by watching my children building and comparing their behavior to my own. And it is interesting the striking differences I see.


At some point I was told that my creations must be original to be interesting. I often am halted in my quest to create by fear of being redundant. This has already been done, that has already been created. Even writing my blog today I was stumped trying to come up with a ‘new’ idea. What I’ve learned from my children is that it’s okay to repeat others and yourself.


A child creates without apology. It’s okay if you don’t like it, the creation isn’t for you (well sometimes it is), and this is their creative journey not yours. They create without shame of repetition. A child doesn’t mind if they’ve already created 100 towers with their building blocks. In this moment, with these blocks, they are building a tower. The past doesn’t matter. They are enjoying the process.


When we are being creative and building, as adults, we seem to wrap ourselves in so many boundaries. We have filled our heads with what is possible and what is impossible. We have constrained ourselves with our thoughts about what will be well received and what will be rejected. We mentally box ourselves into a corner and then say “now create!”


True creativity and freedom comes from releasing the boundaries, real or artificial, and allowing the creation to flow out of the act of creativity.


When you are trying to create remember your childlike state of mind. Remove your limits. Unleash your restrictions. It’s okay to be clever, but it’s more important to Be. Don’t stifle your creativity with expectations or restrictions. Creativity must flow like a river.


Allow space for the process and accept that failure is all in your mind. Creativity is it’s own rewardl






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