June 25, 2024


I love thinking. Thinking has solved a lot of my problems. It has also created a lot of my problems. All super-powers seems to come as a double edged sword. Try not to cut yourself.


I’m stressing this week. I’m undertaking some aggressive treatment to help me with a medical issue. And sometimes the detox of the treatment can induce fevers… In fact it’s designed to induce a fever to help your body fight… It also scares the bejeepers out of me… I don’t like pain and discomfort and I am over-thinking things big time.


So as I sat down to think about what I was going to write this week, I accidentally re-read some of my post from last week… Boy, I could really benefit from taking my own medicine. It served as a reminder that we are all pretty good at giving and receiving. But there can be so much floating around at times that it’s really hard to actually use the things we’ve received (or in my case given).


I try not to quote myself often, but here goes:

…The brain can run away like a freight train with no brakes if you don’t take a deep breath and relax. Release the interpretation of the pain and simply be with the pain. Untranslated. Un-Embossed and embelished. Simply allowing it to be what it is.

Wow! What a brilliant thought. Too bad I wasn’t remembering it and breathing…


So that’s my lesson for the new year to actually utilize good advice.


With all the gifts that were passed around through the holiday season (both physical and metaphysical), maybe it’s time to sit down and actually use one. Take a moment to look back over the abundance that came to you in the last few weeks… See if you can find the hidden gem that you’ve completely forgotten to use. (Hint: It may be a tie rack)






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