April 21, 2024


As time passes friends gather around and greet each other with friendly and quiet joy. Elated but respectful to the man in the gray wool cap with the long gray goatee. He sits to the side of the cafe like a minstrel of old, guitar in hand and singing out stories of love gone awry or moments of insanity (crazy for loving you). People talk gently, sharing thoughts of compassion and connection, always with one ear to the music reverberating through the room.

Rain falls outside in it’s relentless assault on the dirt and grime lining the streets of San Francisco. A frequent reminder sounds outside as the rolling tires of passing cars rip the water from it’s resting place throwing up rooster tails into the air behind them.

I sit in my chosen corner. Observing, thinking, reflecting, applauding. What a charmed life I lead. How gifted I feel when I have a moment of reprieve to reflect on the situation that is my life and can be aware of it’s content and not it’s crisis.

Thank you to the universe for my situation and shift. The blessing of the moment of awareness. The gratitude I have in this moment compensates for so many moments of feeling lost and abandoned. The chance to see the world as it is, and not as it was perceived.

I am certain I will lose prospective once more when I leave my moment of reflection and return to my life of immersion. I can only hope that as I document this I can use this to remind myself that I am truly blessed.




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