April 21, 2024


We have a special guest blogger this week. Heather Isaacs works with hospice patients and people that are nearing the end of their journey. She posted a facebook update recently that struck a cord with me and touched my heart, and I just wanted to share it with Chakra Community.


Heather’s update:

Once again, I am amazed by the the mysteries of the mind. I sat with a patient who has advanced dementia today. Often, she goes for days without saying more than a few words and she sleeps much of the time now. Always she is peaceful. Always she radiates warmth and kindness and humor. But there are spectacular and bizarre moments with her that take my breath away. In the same way that the sun will break through a cloudy day, she can become downright eloquent. And in those moments I feel like I am sitting at the foot of an oracle.


Today, she talked about how we are all parts of the whole and though we don’t know what role we are playing that we don’t have to worry about it because in the end it’s all going to be okay. She said that she’d forgotten what she had come here to do but wasn’t worried, either. Looking at her own body like it was a piece of clothing, she said “I could be almost anything now. And they could throw me away.” And though the words were strange, even sad, she laughed at the absurdity of it all. And I laughed with her. She said, “Whatever I am, I will be.” Over and over again, she talked about waiting, how we simply need to wait. She told me, “Take a breath. Relax. And wait to see what happens.” And looking at a plush toy bird hanging above her bed, she said, “I wish it could spread its wings and fly away. But it is waiting, too.”


I hope you find something in this gem to enlighten your day.





About Heather:

Heather has her own blog to and loves hearing from visitors. She can be found at http://oddbygod.wordpress.com/.




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