April 21, 2024


I had a hard time coming up with my post this week. I usually like to find something that’s wrong and spin a positive, or more appropriately constructive, view that can empower and uplift. But this week, I’m just finding things to complain about.


I got an email this week from the California Board of Equalization (they collect sales tax here in California for business sales). It was a friendly reminder that this was “National Customer Service Week” I couldn’t help but draw a connection to the government shutdown and how they’ve chosen to highlight National Customer Service week by providing no services.


So to buck the trend and despite my lack of government funding, I’ve decided to post this weeks update, free of charge. As a free services to the world.


The worlds problems are tough. There is, quite literally, a whole world of challenges and problems out there to be solved and be stymied by.


We could spend all day being blocked and worried and uncertain.

However, fear doesn’t make the world a better place. Uncertainty doesn’t solve problems.

Shutting down in order to get your own way doesn’t help anyone.


So this week, instead of shutting down, start up.

Instead of boycotting, girlcot… (I think that’s the opposite).

Keep moving forward, keep your chin up, and keep doing good.







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