July 12, 2024


I am pleased to report that this blog post has been created with 100 percent post consumer ideas.

It’s all been done. The ideas have all been thought up. The products have all been repackaged. The tools have all been repurposed.

Everything that we busy ourselves with day in and day out has been done before. Day in day out we spend our time on the timely. We focus our energy on meeting goals, measuring accomplishments, putting out personal fires and trying to make the grade. None of that amounts to much in the end.

Spend your time working on the timeless.

The only thing that you can do with your life, that hasn’t been done before, is live your life.

The only thing that is unique about your experience here is you. Your particular passion, your personal goals, your soul mission. Just to be clear I am speaking about your actual personal goals here, not that ones you’ve taken on because it seems like society wants you to.

Millions before you have already lived their lives. There is very little to show for it. The buildings from past civilizations are mostly all but gone. What does remain has lost context and the meaning it was meant to pass on.

The people that we remember from the past, are the people that lived passionately. Even the people that lived passionately and behaved terribly, are remembered now, for their passion. I’m not encouraging you the live terribly, but it is a way to be memorable. In many of the best cases, the remembered people were not living passionately in an effort to be remembered, they were living passionately in an effort to truly be alive.

If you are interested in bringing value and richness to your life, the only unique thing that you can do is to be yourself. Do recycle someone else’s life, live yours.





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