June 25, 2024



My Bookcases are full. Much of my world has become full. My possessions have become my possessors. Instead of using and enjoying your stuff, I have become challenged with organizing my stuff and where to keep it.

If you find yourself spending more time shopping for storage solutions and organizing your world, than actually enjoying your world, it may be time to take inventory and assess your priorities.

This was much of the impetus behind the big move we just went through. Reassessing our priorities and re-evaluating if our life was in line with our beliefs.

It wasn’t, and change was the only solution.

Nothing highlights the breadth of your ‘stuff accumulation’ as trying to move it all. When you have to move every thing you own, you really turn a critical eye to what you have and how you use it. I found many things that I had in my possession that I hadn’t touched in years and that I simply no longer had a need for.

Thank goodness there are good organizations around to donate to, Goodwill, Salvation Army, SPCA, the local library, you name it. If you have a favorite cause, they probably have a donation center where you can find a new home for your stuff and help them in the process.

So should I just give it all away and start fresh? What lesson can I learn from my current situation? How would I change things going forward?


I’m a firm believer in reviewing what you have experienced and finding a way to learn from it. As I’ve gotten rid of many things in this move, I have also held onto the things that have true value to me. I haven’t gotten rid of everything. Also I don’t intend to start on a mission to replace it all with new stuff once I settle again.

I have learned that there is more of a price to pay for owning an item than simply the cost you pay at checkout.

I also do not intend to get rid of everything and enjoy a life devoid of distractions. I know there is a value to that. I sense that the extremity of the path is valid for many, but not my path in this life.

I believe the solution, at least for me, is somewhere in the middle. I choose the middle road to both purge the unneeded and retain the essential.

bigstock-half-Empty-and-full-Bookcase-librar-29448377 copy

I’ve heard it said, “If your life is full, where is the space for new things?”

Allow yourself to let go of the things that are holding you back. Embrace the things that align with who you are, who you are becoming, and who you want to be.

Find the space in the middle where your world both has content and has space. Who knows what exciting things will come to you next.




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