July 12, 2024

There are certain subjects that are more difficult than others to talk about. Part of the reason for this is ownership. When I completely own and believe an idea, I don’t have a problem sharing it. And if I come across an idea that I don’t own, but want to share, I can always present it as an idea, or a theory. But there are still topics that I’ve come to own, but I know are “out there”, somewhere in the fields of ridicule or things spoken about only with friends behind closed doors.

Aliens, Reincarnation, Near Death Experiences. These tend to fall into the edges of our consciousness and experience. They have a fantastic impact on the big picture of our lives and our existence. But from a day to day prospective they don’t always seem to apply. Additionally they tend to be very difficult to prove. So they fall into personal belief.

Over the past 6 months I’ve been exposed to the idea of Soul Fragments as a means to the universe balancing itself.

The definition of a soul fragment is simple and easy to understand. But it requires a number of correlating beliefs, the lack of any one of these correlating beliefs can make you dismiss the idea utterly and move on with your life.

A soul fragment is an experience from your life that is unprocessed and breaks off when you die. When you die, this experience, this energy, must be accounted for, so the fragment breaks off and goes into a universal pool of unfinished business. When a soul returns to the earth to live another life, a portion of these fragments can be attached to that soul to process in their lifetime. Sometimes the fragments are your own, things that you’ve experienced in your past and haven’t processed. This would often be referred to as karma. Sometimes these fragments are from other people.

I’ve often heard of reincarnation and processing your own experiences from a past life. I’ve even come to believe that the model of reincarnation makes sense to me. I believe that the universe seeks balance and that balance could be more easily accounted for through the process of reincarnation. I can expand on this in another post. But the idea of processing someone else’s experiences was new to me.

I was first introduced to the concept during a session of body talk in the fall. For those not familiar body talk is a combination of eastern practices designed to aid in healing.

I had recently experiences a recurrence of my asthma. It was something that started when I was 12 years old in the 5th grade. During one of my healing sessions it came up that this was a soul fragment from a man that had lived in 1849. He worked at a factory in town that produced a large amount of pollution. When his daughter was 12 she came down with asthma as a result of the pollution and she died shortly thereafter. When the father passed away many years later, he had still never dealt with the guilt of causing this. This memory, this traumatic energy, become a soul fragment, and attached to me when I came here to live this life.

This soul fragment lingered with me until I was in the 5th grade, when I was 12 years old, and manifested in a major asthma attack. I’ve dealt with asthma on and off throughout my life, ever since that first attack.

During the session the soul fragment was identified and the energy released. I was still uncertain about the soul fragment concept. But I can tell you I haven’t had an asthma attack since.

I’m still processing. Still trying to understand what I believe. Lack of evidence is not proof, but it certainly is compelling. There is more to this story of soul fragments, and if enough interest is shown, I’m willing to share. But I’m sure I’ve stretched a few of my readers enough for now.




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