July 12, 2024


“This is how an idea becomes real.

But ideas are fragile things.

Most don’t make it long outside the ether from which they are pulled, kicking and screaming. That’s why people create with someone else.

Two minds can sometimes improve the odds of an ideas survival…” Saga by Brian K. Vaughan – Graphic Novel – Opening Narration


Working alone is brilliant. It’s a fantastic means of starting unfettered to move forward. But there are limits to it’s effectiveness.


There are two major concerns when working in isolation.

1) You don’t believe any of your great ideas could be real and they die before they take their first breath.


2) You believe all of your ideas are real and spend all your time trapped in your delusions without having a positive impact on the world.


This is where creating through partnership is fantastic. The use of a wise partner to work with and run ideas by is crucial to effective idea incubation.


Being able to choose the right ideas to grow and which ideas to let go of, can help so much in bringing your dreams into reality.


It is crucial that you pick the right person or group to work with on your ideas. Be shrewd in your choices. Some people will shoot down everything you suggest. Others will agree with everything. Both of these inputs are not valuable. Find people with like minded goals and motivations. Build relationships with people that cover your weaknesses and benefit from your strengths.


Find someone you can nurture your ideas with.


Find someone you can create with.


Find a community you can engage with.


If you can’t find a community of people that embody what you need, build one. Seek out the people that you need and that need you. You’re looking for a partnership. They are out there.


Remember you are awesome.

Go do something fantastic.




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