June 25, 2024


“Don’t allow the future to harass you. Express what you need, and be grateful for what you have.” – Greg Nelson


As I was meditating this morning, I was struck by the power of this statement. Starting my own business, and having end of year goals looming in front of me, I find, I have begun to doubt myself, my abilities and my future. How can I grow the business? What will happen tomorrow? How can I feed my family and my passion at the same time?


I have found recently that my thoughts tend to dwell on my finances instead of my passion. And the financial thoughts lock me up creatively and emotionally. So when I came across this saying during my meditation this morning, I was struck by how important it is to me right now. I have been allowing the future to harass me.


As we approach this time of cultural gratitude (Thanksgiving), here in the US, it is crucial to embrace the opportunity for thankfulness. Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to pause and reflect on what we have. So why not get started a week early and appreciate the things in life that keep us going. Be grateful for your passions and your quirks. Appreciate the things that set you apart and the things that bring us all together.


Most importantly, be with what is, and not what may be. The future will unfold and become whatever it needs to be. Worrying about the future, dreading it, or trying to force change into it, is just a waste of precious energy. Embrace the river of life that we all flow with, and follow the current to your goals. Embrace your dreams and release the outcome.



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