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Vector Icon Of Hand Reaching For Stars - Concept Of Ambition

You have been told to reach for the stars. It’s good advice. But remember to reach for one at a time.

I am attending a technical conference this week. I always get very “into my head” at these conferences. Sure there is a strong technical component for learning and connecting, so my brain gets into that and starts to build new models for how the universe works.

But the part where I really get into my head, involves people watching and comparison. Oh my goodness, the comparison engine goes into overdrive.

I know more than that person.

I know better than this person.

I wish I knew as much as her.

Wow he really comes across as put together.

Wish I could present like that.

Wish I knew that level of architecture.



The voice in my head is having a feast.

I am constantly ‘dialoging’ with myself that I should know more technical details. I should know more computer languages. I should know how to manage web servers better. I should be a better system administrator. The list of perceived deficiencies goes on and on. At the same time my head voice wants me to know more about architecture and how systems are put together. I should know more about security. I should know more about internet infrastructure deployments. I should be able to design large systems…

The truth is, I can do a lot of these these, but I can’t do all of these things. I know a lot of programming languages, but I don’t know all programming languages. All my brain needs to see is a single example, where I don’t know something, and the judgement starts.

Why did you never learn that?

Why don’t you know more about that?

He’s younger than you, how come he is better at that then you?

The truth is I know a lot. The truth is that I know enough.

The truth is that I am adequate and perfect. I am exactly who I am supposed to be.

The truth is, there are lots of days when I don’t believe the truth.

I often find myself judging my own experiences as inadequate. When in fact my own experiences are perfect. They are exactly what they need to be to make me the man that I am today. Adding a burden of perceived gap between what I know today and what I think I should know, doesn’t make me better. It actually degrades my value.

By seeing myself as inadequate or lacking I am simply feeding the voice of doubt in my head. This voice is in need of a diet, not a good hearty meal. There is no need for me to spend my precious time preparing food for the voices in my head.

This inadequacy leads to reaching. But reaching from a place of inadequacy is like looking for balance from a place of imbalance. If the foundation of your search is all wibbly wobbly, then no matter how strongly you build on top of it, you will always be wibbly wobbly. So the reaching becomes frantic and instead of reaching in one direction, or picking a few discrete goals, you reach in all directions, you pick all goals.

Instead of trying to reach a single star, you find yourself reaching for all stars.

You cannot do everything at once.

You cannot reach in all directions at one time.

You cannot boil the ocean, you must heat up one pot of water at a time.

Remember one of the most important skills for reaching the stars is focus, not having long arms.

Focus, breath.

You are adequate and perfect.

I am too.





It’s been a long year. It seems like every time I turn around something tragic is happening somewhere. A story comes through about a young life drowning as a family flees tyranny. A story about a small town being wiped off the map overnight by fire. All around me there are stories of fear and terror. How could that happen to them? Could that happen to me? How can I protect myself and my family?

While processing the news, or even the events of our own daily lives, our emotional response often sends us to a place of fear. Our focus on the tragic will drive us to hand off the steering wheel, of our lives, over to fear. At some point we as a culture seem to have decided this was a reasonable framework to operate from.

From there it was just up to the clever media moguls to realize what it took to get our attention. Fear. Scare the heck out of them and you’ll have their attention. Sure the attention you get will be from a stressed overwrought and foggy headed crowd, but you’ll have their attention.

And so it goes on and on.

We hand over control to our fear and our fear becomes so strong that we can’t take the wheel back. We even begin to identify with the fear and without noticing we think that we’re in the driver seat. We’re making rational choices about our kids safety and how we should treat other people. We’re thinking through the way we treat strangers and who we elect for office. We do all this without realizing we are being driven by fear.

I have good news, and I have bad news.

The bad news.

We all die, sometimes tragically and sometimes in boring ways. Death is a natural part of life, usually the last part. Every story ends.

The good news.

We all die, sometimes tragically and sometimes in boring ways. Death is a natural part of life, usually the last part. Every story ends.

I do not wish to downplay or dismiss the tragedy that is occurring in the world this year. However we need to stay focused, or rather become focused once more. We need to take the steering wheel back and clear our heads.

So politely and affectionately I offer you this, A STRONG slap in the face. <SMACK>

Snap out of it! Wake up! Find your center.

You are here now. You are a miracle. The world is a wonderful place filled with puppy dogs and kittens. You came here for a reason. Without feeling like I am overstepping my bound, I am confident in telling you, the reason was NOT to live out of fear. The reason was not to worry about things that are out of your control.

I dare say the reason you came here was to live and to learn and to love.

The reason you are here is to experience life to it’s fullest and to help out where you can.

Take back the wheel. Think for yourself. Operate from a place of love. Compassionately tell your fear to take a hike.





What if Money was no object? What would I do if I didn’t have to worry about paying bills, feeding my family, etc.


I always find myself in a duality when I think about this. Money is an object. Money is what pays for the food and the shelter. Money fuels the car. Money pays for the electricity.


How much house do you need? How much food do you need? Why do you need fuel? The answer to these are sometimes simple and sometimes convoluted. The deeper the story gets, you may need to unravel to get to the truth.


We unraveled a bit last year, we got rid of one of the cars. We are now a one car family. We are also a 6 – 8 bike family. We bike all over town, to Groceries, to chiropractor, to visit friends, etc. It’s increased our happiness and lowered a bills.


Need to lower the bills a bit more before I quit my day job… But finding passion and connection with the idea in the video below will remind you, money is not the object. Money is not the destination.


Let money be a tool for your life. Don’t let yourself be a tool for money.







I’ve been editing a releasing old blog posts with new memes on facebook (ChakraChime) and instragram (ChakraCommunity).

If you haven’t already, liked us on facebook feel free to do so now.


Here are a few popular links to stories that have been well received on facebook.


Allowing for Chaos – Trapped in this duality between boredom and adrenal fatigue, I tend to oscillate back and forth between, alternately seeking out change and running away from change. As you can imagine, it is a rather frantic way to live and leads to a lot of energy spent for not much result. AKA, much ado about nothing… –


Breathing Through Transition – We love births! We love having a new life to wonder over and to see the world through fresh eyes. But for a parent, birth is merely a transition state. After the birth, your work isn’t over. Nurturing this newborn is a lifetime practice.






How much return do you expect for your spiritual effort?

How many people would you have to save in order to start a movement?

How many lives do you have to impact before you feel successful?

How do you measure your spiritual value?


When you look at investing money, with a financial advisor, it’s pretty common for them to try to establish your risk tolerance. From that information, they estimate what your return will be annually, based on your ability to handle risk. If you have a low tolerance for risk and just want  your money to grow slowly over time you can probably get 5% returns, meaning if you put in $100 dollars, at the end of the year, you would have $105. If you have a very high risk tolerance, they may estimate your returns at 20%. This would mean that if you put in $100 dollars at the end of the year you could have $120. But of course there is a downside to risk. Putting your money at risk for 20% gains means that you could lose 20%. So now at the end of the year you may end up with only $80 dollars left.


Now let’s get back to you.

What is your spiritual risk tolerance?

How far out there are you willing to put yourself?

What kind of returns are you expecting?

How many lives do you need to touch to feel your effort is worth it?

How many people do you need to save to make it worth trying?


I often ask this question when I am writing my blog. How many people do I need on my subscription list to consider myself a success? How many likes on facebook? How many hearts on instagram? What are my metrics?


Why am I even talking about metrics? This is spirit. This is free. We aren’t given 100 units of spirit when we’re born. We don’t need to invest wisely with spirit. Spirit, by it’s nature, is uncaged and untamable. I can’t save up spirit to spend next week. It flows through me. We need to engage with spirit, when the spirit moves us.

Today I have a chance to share spirit.

Tomorrow I have a chance to share spirit.

Yesterday I was able to share spirit.


Our world is hung up on metrics and statistics. We want to see numbers and understand the impact. We seek efficiencies and insights. There is no need in the world of spirit. Additionally the world of spirit ripples out in ways we cannot possibly imagine. The story you tell today, the person you helped yesterday, the song you sang to yourself in the elevator; These are all energy waves rippling out, impacting the world in ways beyond you reckoning.


Today I send out my message as an offering. I am enough. You are enough. We are mighty.

If I reach 1000 people with this message I am blessed.

If I reach 0 people with this message I am blessed.

To simply be here today with you, I am blessed.




Global success concept


Have you ever seen an advertisement for a weight loss supplement with the before and after photos?


I won’t get into all the ways that marketing tries to deceive us. But I wanted to draw attention to the two falsehoods that seem to catch me up all the time, within this image.

1) The presentation only glamorizes success stories

2) The image clearly implies that the middle does not matter


I don’t believe these are the fault of the before and after photos. Rather I feel like they are the part of the human psyche that before and after photos feed on.


Why only glamorize your success stories? Or even more to the point, what is success? I had kids and I consider that a success in life. But if you were to judge by my before and after photos, you might question if I “Have it all.” My before and after photos are more the reverse of the standard marketing campaign.


Does this mean I’ve failed? Or does it mean I’m looking at the wrong metric?


Even the language I’m using here is really diving deep into a false perception of value. The idea that there are a set of metrics by which I should be measured. While our culture is very clear that there are a set of metrics to measure a man, this is a bold face lie. It’s a lie that’s so ingrained that even after identifying it’s falsehood over and over again I find myself standing in front of a mirror looking me over with a measuring stick in hand (figuratively).


This leads to the second major falsehood this image illustrates, that the middle doesn’t matter. Life is all about the middle. It’s all about the process and the stages in between, it is not about the end and the beginning. If it was, we would sum up peoples lives with a photo montage including only two images. One would be the egg and sperm meeting for the first time. The second image would be a picture of a coffin. Before and After, end of story, finished done.



No! Life is about the middle.


Life is about all those amazing and frustrating things that happen to us while we’re on the path. You can’t sum up success or failure with two images. You can’t judge a person by a selfie. An image trapped in a specific moment in time when you may, or may not, have been having a good hair day.


Remember in your life, things will get better.

Remember in your life, things will get worse.


You’re in a dance, not sitting through a presentation.


Polish up your dancing shoes and get out there, you’ve got a world to see.





Planet Earth with sun in universe or space, Globe and galaxy in

I always thought I would get with it one day.

Have an exercise regiment, get in shape.

Find the answers to life, the universe and everything.

Find my passion and drive it through to it’s natural conclusion. (happiness and wealth, right?!?)

I would figure it all out and have it all. (At least the all that really mattered. And I would understand why it mattered and why the stuff I didn’t have and didn’t need didn’t matter.)

You know, I would become enlightened.

I thought I would reach some sort of state of perfection. And I sort of did.


I had a great exercise regiment. I was really enjoying the exercise.

I got so strong that I did a century ride around lake Tahoe…

And then I had kids.


I got so enlightened that I took a yoga teacher training course…

And then I had bills to pay.


I established a nice balance between work life and home life…

And then I got lyme disease.


Feel free to insert your own ideas here. The formula is pretty simple.


I <insert awesome thing here>…

And then I <insert derailing event/activity/acquisition here>


These aren’t excuses. They’re not explanations. They’re my life. And my life has had its successes and its failures. I’ve had my triumphant achievements and my cataclysmic events.


Like all things that happen to us, each event is a mixed bag. You can look at them as negatives or positives depending on your outlook in life. I don’t regret having kids for a moment. But to say it’s all sunshine and roses is delusional at best. To say it’s all manure and storm clouds is equally delusional. But to say these activities derailed my previous activities and reset my mental image of who and what I am is completely apt. To say that these events were life changing and forced a shuffling of my priorities is accurate. To say that in the shuffle I lost a few things that were important to me is also true.


So where do we go from here?

You’ve just been smacked down by life. What’s the next step?

Try again.


I always figured that once I had an epiphany and saw the light it would remain in view. I didn’t consider the fact that someone or something would jump up into my view and block my visibility of the afformentioned light. I didn’t consider that my epiphany would fade or need to be adjusted for the new world that formed around me. I never considered that I would have to have the same epiphany again.


It’s happened enough in the last few years that I have decided there needs to be a word for it. So when an epiphany comes back to you that you had forgotten over time, it shall now be referred to as a repiphany.


I also have to admit that I was initially ashamed of the idea. Or at least hesitant to mention that I needed to relearn something so vital to my world view. The idea that I would need to be slapped in the forehead by the same idea over and over again implies that I’m a little slow.


However once I came to terms with the idea that I may be a little slow, I warmed up to the concept.


The universe is patient and kind. It doesn’t mind repeating itself. It will send a lesson as often as it is needed and repeat that lesson whenever you need a refresher.


Embrace the repiphany.


Open to the idea that there is room in your life for a reset button. Maybe you’re not in the shape you were a few years back. Maybe your health isn’t where it was before that thing happened to you that made everything take a turn for the worse. Maybe you aren’t the same person you were when you realized that you needed to become a yoga instructor. But you still have room for growth.


Lucky for you, you’re already perfect. So you’ve got that going for you. All you need now is to remember to not be afraid. Be open to repeat experiences. Be open to hearing the same story from the past and learning the same lesson and reapplying the conclusions that were lost over time.


Open yourself to repiphany.






Green tree isolated on white


I walked on a crunchy leaf the other day. It was a hot day, the sun was baking the blacktop. The air was still and the thermostat was approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The crisp leaf had fallen from a tree and the summer sun had baked out all of it’s life juices. I looked up to place the sun, I could not see it. Between the sun and I there was a beautiful tree.

The tree trunk was a mottled white and brown, large patches of each color covered the trunk all the way up. As if a guernsey cow had been good in a past life and was reincarnated as this tree. The lime green leaves covered all of the branches. Together the leaves and the branches teamed up to create a canopy that blocked out both the sun and the heat. As I walked briefly under the sheltered stretch of cool sidewalk I pondered the tree and it’s released leaf.

The leaf cannot live without the tree. Yet it is also not dead upon release. It still has life in it, yet now, it’s days are numbered. How would you describe the moment of time between it’s separation from the tree and it’s connection with the ground? Freedom?

When attached to the tree it is part of the whole and part of the system that is the tree. The tree provides nutrients to the leaf to grow and unfold. In turn it provides nutrients to the tree extracted from the sunlight.  It may dream of one day being free, but that freedom comes with a price. For a moment it will fly and be set in motion by the wind or the air currents as it gently makes its way out of control toward the ground.

Remember that freedom is not control. Freedom requires being free, nothing more. The experience of freedom is relative. What are you free from? The leaf is free from the tree. But it is not free from gravity. It is not free from the wind. Only for a moment is it free from the ground. Yet relative to it’s past association with to the branch, it is free.

What if we are the leaf?

What if our moment here, in this life, is just a fall from the tree?

We separate ourselves from the larger tree and this moment, this instant that we live here on earth, that we consider free, is just an flash of time. A brief experience of separation from the source. We spend much of our time wondering what we are missing, because we are so used to being connected to the source. Everything we knew before was being part of the whole, and now, for a brief moment, we are free.

Freedom is relative. We are still bound by rules and roles and contracts. But we are free of the source. And sometimes we’re not sure what we’re supposed to do during the fall… Enjoy it!

It’s only an instant. A flash of light compared to the larger picture. But this is your moment. This is your freedom. In the end your shell will land on the sidewalk used up and dried out. But you will return to the source and reconnect as you were.

You are not presently as you were. You are as you are.

Experience what you have instead of seeking what you had. What you had will come again.

But what you have is this moment, and this moment will never come again.




whole water balloon

It’s not an easy balancing act, living in this world. It’s been called the information age. I’ve also heard it called the disinformation age. We have everything at our fingertips when it comes to information, data, input. It’s all out there, and then some… It’s the “and then some” that gets us.

There is a lot of good going on in the world.

There is a lot of bad going on in the world.

The way I handle good and bad is quite different.

For some reason, with the good, I let it go. Maybe it’s poorly chosen modesty. Maybe it’s an over optimistic view of how the world should be. But when the good comes in, I smile, I am glad for it’s existence, and then I let it go. I allow the good to flow through me and let go of the feeling. It’s almost as if I expect the world to be that way so I don’t find myself surprised when I see it.

For the bad, I respond quite different. When I receive bad news, I internalize it. First I check to see if it’s my fault. If I can’t be blamed I breath a quick sigh of relief and then try to find the guilty party. Who is to blame for this evil in the world? How could they? Don’t they know they’re hurting people? Or when it’s really personal, “Don’t they know they are threatening me?” My injustice, ire and belligerence kicks in and I want it solved/fixed/removed. More importantly I don’t let go. I hold it in and hold it in.

Then to make matters worse, as I try to resolve the problem, I research the problem. I focus on the problem. I look for the culprit, trying to find the root cause and look for the resolution. I take more and more of it in.

For some problems this works… Or at least it used to feel like it worked, for the little problems. But as I’ve gotten older and the scope of my problems has expended. Or perhaps my attention has been diverted to larger problems. And the scope of my information available has expanded. I am able to take in more problems than I can hold. They come in, wave after wave, assaulting my mind. Wearing down my spirit. Filling me to capacity, and then adding just a little bit more.

There is an old saying, “that’s the straw that broke the camels back.” It means the camel had just enough weight that it could handle it with some strain and then you added just a bit more, just one more straw. I’ve never tried it, but I assume with this analogy the camel ends up a cripple and can no longer carry any loads, let alone the load it was capable of hauling just before the final straw was added.

For me, it’s the bursting point. I take in all the bad, hoping to find a resolution. And suddenly, POP!

popped water balloon

There is so much going wrong in the world.

There is so much going right in the world.

It’s okay to want to fix it. It’s okay to look for a way to make world better.

It’s not okay to let it destroy you in the process.

My work, my great task, is to approach the action of letting the bad flow through me.

Ignorance isn’t the answer. I can’t ignore it. But I don’t have to hold onto it all. I simply can’t.

As Pollyanna says, “If you look for the bad in people, you are sure to find it.”

I can’t solve the worlds problems myself. I am not the designated judge of the worlds actions.

I just need to live my life as I hope others will and be the model of an ideal world within myself.

As I say on my email signature “Kevin is a work in progress… Which is pretty cool.”



whole water balloon


Vector scared bunny

I had an interesting topic all picked out for today. An analogy designed to get your mental gears running and snap you out of your daily grind. But as I sat down to write, I realize, I’m completely stressed out. My breathing is shallow. My thoughts are racing. I’m probably having a small scale panic attack. I say small scale, because I’m still able to intellectualize and ponder what to write, I’m still writing to you now… But thoughts race through me like scared rabbits looking for a bush to hide behind. Nothing sticks. Everything and everyone in my mental menagerie is trying to run for cover and wait out the storm.

I can’t change the storm. There is a lot going on. Most of the goings on are my perception of changes coming. Change terrifies me. I usually like change, after the fact, but only after. After I can look back and see the good in it. But I’m in the uncertain period of the actual change. Right now I don’t know what the change will bring.

With every silver lining you will find a cloud attached.

So today, I’ll simply ask you to breath with me.

Stop, Sit, Ground.

Find a safe quite place.

If you can, step outside and take off your shoes and socks. Place your feed on the dirt or in the grass.

A quick warning here. A couple weeks back I was in the need for grounding. So I took the afternoon off and went to a park about 30 minutes away, right by the Sacramento river. It was a beautiful day and there was a wide grassy field between me and the river bank. The open grass field was spotted with the occasional tree. Each tree had decided it was time to grow more of themselves, so they had dropped tiny seed pods all over the field. Mostly invisible to the naked eye, but quite visible to the naked foot. I felt like I was walking on thorns to get to the rivers edge. Word to the wise, choose your grounding path strategically.

Where was I? Ah yes, connecting with the earth.

Find seat, or ground standing, at your discretion.

Take a moment to close your eyes and listen. What do you hear?

I am fortunate to be away from a busy road and my ambient noise is the chattering of birds calling out to each other. But I’m not uniquely able to enter this practice. It’s not about being in a peaceful place, thought that doesn’t hurt. It is about being aware of your place. Perhaps you are near a busy street with cars going by. Perhaps you are on a busy sidewalk with people bustling by. Be aware of the stimulus. Acknowledge it. Now release it.

Deep Breath in, breathing in for 10 seconds. Fill your lungs completely, as if your body hasn’t had oxygen in weeks. Hold the air in your lungs for 3 seconds. Let your body savor the air. Then release exhaling long for 10 seconds. Then experience the void, holding an empty lung for 3 seconds.

Repeat until you realize you no longer need to repeat it. Take these steps until your body has reset it’s rhythm. Your body will begin to naturally take in more air.

You may find that as you settle into a quieter place the stress reaction attempt to speed things up again… This is okay. Take a breath and start over.

So often the subtle mind leads the body. Your body is experiencing a stress reaction because your mind is convinced you are in peril… You are not. Your wisdom knows this. You know you will be okay. You are transitioning. You are becoming the breath leading the body. You are becoming the tail wagging the dog.

Now, With your eyes fully open, look around you. Take in all that the scene in your world has to offer. Acknowledge it, pass it through, don’t judge it. You may be looking at a dirty house. You may be seeing graffiti on a mailbox. Maybe you’re in a park with a waterfall. Try to lose the mental words you would use to describe it, pretty, ugly, broken, new, instead simply witness it. Be the observer.

Back to your breath. 10 seconds in, hold for 3. 10 seconds out, hold for 3. Repeat.

Next tap into your skin. Maybe it’s cold. Maybe you feel the sun. Perhaps there is a breeze blowing across the hairs on your arm. Observe, try not to judge. Just be there.

Back to your breath.

Tap into your smell now. Are there any odors here? Close your eyes and take them in. Perhaps one smell jumps out, perhaps the blend becomes a neutral smell that has no impact at all. Acknowledge and move on.

Back to your breath.

Lastly, if the location works with this option, see if you can tie in your taste. Maybe there is a mint plant nearby and you can grab a piece of mint to taste. Maybe it’s lunch time and you can grab a sandwich. Or, if you’re really lucky, you decided to experience this practice near somewhere with ice cream. Find your taste, experience it, try not to judge. Be with it.

Back to your breath.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better already.



Vector scared bunny


Nose To The Grindstone

I grew up with a “nose to the grindstone” mentality. Hard work will get you where you need to be.

Just keep working at it and you will succeed. And while hard work is crucial, critical, required, it’s not for everyone.

Or more specifically maybe I should say it’s not for everything and everytime.

There is a time and place for keeping your head down and working hard. And there are rewards for your efforts.

But I’ve also learned over time that when you just put your head down and work hard, it’s easy to miss that you’re trying to plow through a wall that already has a path built around it.

The world needs visionaries. The world needs ideas. The world needs a shift in prospective.

This all came to mind because I saw a report this week about a new product, transparent aluminum. It’s an amazing new ceramic that can be made thinner than hardened glass and be 10 times as strong. My mind immediately flashed back to a formative experience in my youth, when I went to see Star Trek IV. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should really go watch it, it’s one of the best Trek stories EVER! Without too many spoilers, they travel back in time and need to construct a giant storage tank with clear walls. So they work with a local industrialist to obtain the clear walls. As they have no money they barter by giving the man a secret from the future, a chemical formula that will enable him to make transparent aluminum. Fast forward to 30 years later and we’ve done it! All the details and connections can be seen here. It’s a real substance now. It can be made incredible light and incredibly strong. And it all started with someone’s idea.

Back in the 1980’s someone had a vision for transparent aluminum. It worked it’s way into the cultural mind through exposure in a movie and 30 years later we have something very similar.

It can be a long road from the vision to the future. But without the vision the future won’t happen. If someone hadn’t had the idea and shared it we wouldn’t be able to benefit from the implementation in the future.

Our world is created from our past visions.

Some of these visions have become a little scary. We need new visions and new direction. We can’t just expect the world to suddenly be better. We need to imagine it better. Dream it better. Share a vision of better. Then let the collective team of our world put their noses to the grindstone and make it happen.

A vision can come in moments. Implementation can take 30 years. But without the vision there is no implementation.

If you look at a ratio of percentages, you could say that the implementation is the most important part. It takes 99.999 percent of the time. The vision only takes 0.001 percent of the time. But without the vision there is no action. Without the vision, there is nothing.

Go be a dreamer. Write down some ideas. Share them. Today is not the day to make it happen, today is the day to imagine what will happen. Put your nose to the grindstone tomorrow.



Nose To The Grindstone